Don’t you judge me*

* One of my favourite lines from My Name is Earl, one of my favourite comedies, mainly on account of I love Earl and Randy and Joy and Darnell. What’s not to love? Moustaches, fabulous hairdos and wacky characters.

Anyway… don’t be judging me for my absence. I’ve been otherwise occupied.

This is about the sum total of it:

Heston and Marnie, his sister

1. Heston has put on loads of weight. The vets believe, and we concur, that they’re at least a little bit Belgian Shepherd. Oh well. So much for a lab/collie cross. Look at pictures of Berger Belge Groenendael puppies and you’ll see why the vet thought that. They’ve even got the right colouring – Heston and Charlton, at least, down to the white bits between their toes and the flash of white on their chest.

Look at these puppies if you don’t believe me:

Though Charlton’s ears are definitely much longer, Heston’s are quite like the “Puppies'” ears (Mme. V’s huge, gorgeous German Shepherds) when they truly were puppies. Not that it matters, except for class purposes. German Shepherds are class 3 dogs in France and can’t ‘intimidate’ the public. Someone should tell my neighbours that.

Heston, though, is a clever, clever little pup. He can sit, can wait, can stay, give a paw and will walk to heel unless excited or frightened. He’s getting used to his lead and is much better at going outside for the toilet and sleeping through the night. Plus, he doesn’t cry to go out in the night. His bladder size has finally caught up with his thirst.

Tilly is like a different dog. She plays with him sometimes, even. I never thought she’d do that. He’s as big and as long as her though, now, despite being lighter. She even shepherded him outside and inside the other day. My little doggie princess.

Noireau has found a little tabby friend who comes into the garden around 8pm and they play out all night. I was worried at first, but Noireau seems to have no desire to get out of the garden and wander, and he’s always there in the morning. My huge, beautiful baby.

Steve and Jake got off okay with the Molly Moo. Jake and I had spent a good couple of weeks checking out all the festivals, fetes and activities around. He’s left some very sad children behind. A little girl stopped me in the supermarket today to ask about him. I think he’s made a huge impression here.

So… what else?

This festival:

This rainy festival:

And a bit of this:

Now it’s nothing but a race through the last papers, a week of boys and friends, hopefully a week of sun too!

It’s Bastille Day in France today. Whilst I won’t be in La Baule as I was in this photograph (I think!)

This is my first Bastille Day in France since I can remember. We’re going to a firework festival at St Palais Sur Mer later in the week, but having been to some great fireworks in Exideuil a couple of weeks ago, I’m stopping in tonight to prepare for an early morning pick up.


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