Much Love Monday

… for when you’re smiling and your heart isn’t fully in it.

Today, it’s Talking Heads with Wild Wild Life

So the last of my UK boxes arrive. It’s been two years since I’ve seen the things in there, and there’s Much Love to be had. Least of all is my Longchamp handbag which I bought in Japan in another life when I could afford it. I love that handbag. It’s a symbol of another me. In fact, most of the boxes are other mes, old clothes and new clothes I never got to wear, dresses from when I taught full time. It’s like stepping into another me.

Also, my old posters that adorned my walls as a teenager and a student: Joy Division, The Lost Boys. It’s like looking into my own soul – all these memories I forgot I had.

I know it probably sounds strange, but unless I look at them, I forget they were ever there.

Much Love to the Sunshine for making an appearance

Much Love to Deb and the boys who’ve already given me 50,000 laughs. I now know how long a whale’s penis is and what they do with it.

Much Love to Haydn who said, when we arrived at Mme. V’s ‘This house is much nicer than yours’ and then, before we were even out of the gate: ‘when are we coming back here again?’

Much Love to Damon who got stuck behind the doors at the airport and gave me a huge hug when I got out.

Much Love to Jacob who has taken over the animals.

Much love to Haydn for ‘Naked Style!’

Much Love Monday, People!


4 thoughts on “Much Love Monday

  1. I’ve only just managed to catch up on your blog. Much love to you and lots of thanks for a most fantastic week. X

    1. It was a joy. I’m just sad I spent the last bit of it ill. I’ve decided it was viral gastroenteritis following a self-made internet diagnosis. I’ve managed to finish a cup of tea and I’ve spent the day in bed with the dogs and Noireau!

      1. Good. I’m glad you’ve rested up. Poor D was sick on the plane and his stomach is off, that said he has just managed a KFC!

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