We have to lose that sax solo

Some Mondays are crappier than other Mondays, it must be said. On such a day, it’s almost compulsory that Father Ted would bring on the dancing horses. Almost.

It’s definitely a day for remembering the good things.

Yesterday, we went to a medieval festival – it’s coming to La Rochefoucauld in two weeks and I love this. Rural France is very good at catering for children. From the Centre de Loisirs (a kind of activity centre in the holidays which is ridiculously cheap and has kids begging to go back for another day) to the funded summer camps (for kids from 5+) for horse riding, archery, archaeology, music… it’s a gift for parents wondering what to do in the super-long 9 week holidays – which may be getting shorter in the future anyway. France is definitely much more family-focused. Yesterday was a good example – from grandparents to infants and dogs, everyone was at the festival.

The Cognac Blues festival was on last week, and that was also excellent. It’s held in the parks and streets of Cognac, and although I didn’t see Tom Jones, I wish I had. Apparently, he gave it his all. He’s still got it, even after all these years. Sting and Hugh Laurie also had headline spots, but I don’t think anyone floated the audience’s boat like Tom. Even the men were a-quiver.

Much and Massive Love to Jake who is a superstar. That’s all I need to say.

Much and Massive Licky Love to Molly who is such a great dog. According to the vet, she’s a class 2 dangerous dog. Despite another vet’s opinion that she’s not a class 2 dog, this vet was determined to turn our lovely, gentle Nanny Moll into a beast. She’s the biggest, softest lush that there is on the planet. She’s startled by everything and jumps about ten miles high in the air if she’s alarmed. I shan’t be going back to that vet. She’s always cross. She’s the kind of vet that finds fault with whatever you do, even if your dog is Lassie or Shep. If you had the perfect dog, she’d insist you weren’t flossing its teeth enough. Much Love, instead, to the ‘Catastrophe!” vet – oh he of the melodrama – who wanders around his surgery smoking a cigarette followed by his little French bull dog.

Much Love, too, to the lady who has the misfortune to be my team leader. Whilst I moan about the exam board system, I mark because I enjoy it, and the exam board teams are filled with the most wonderful people. It works because they make it work.


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