The story of a Manchester girl as she moves from the rain-soaked, concrete-and-tarmac city to the sunlight and fresh air of rural France. LJ, as she is affectionately known by some people, is a former secondary school teacher. She currently writes and marks exam papers. She has a loud mouth which works several seconds in advance of her brain, and quick fingers which work at a speed between ‘mouth speed’ and ‘brain speed’.

The blog is part-design-ideas, part-mulling-of-thoughts, part-ranting and partly real tales of woe. As LJ once said to a traffic officer: “It’s NOT a sob story… It’s MY LIFE!”

If you’d like to start at the beginning, try this link:


If you want a little more, perhaps less opinionated, perhaps a little less political, perhaps a little more Barbara Good, you can find my other blog on Anglo-Info Poitou Charentes

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ladyjustine:

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Enjoying my visit to your blog…any friend of Izzie’s is a friend of mine…may I add you to my Blogroll as well? Thanks!


  2. Hi,

    Just wondering how much traffic comes to this blog as a result of what you put on Anglo Info.

    The reason I ask is because I have a blog and in order to promote it I am starting another one for Anglo Info, but cant put any reference or links to my blog on to what I put on Anglo info which is a shame.

    So you see where I am coming from.

    Thanks …..Alan W

    1. Hi Alan, I guess I get a couple of links a day from AI – maybe! I don’t know how many people decide to stay with me though and then come direct. I try to keep the two very separate – it wasn’t my intention to use the AI blog to promote this one, or vice versa – I have a lot of regular followers who have come here via a variety of sources. This is the ‘me’ blog and AI is the ‘France’ blog and perhaps peculiarly both are just ways of enjoying myself rather than promoting anything if that makes sense. This one was a way to let friends and family know what was happening here rather than have twenty phonecalls with the same content and missing some stuff. The AI one is just my thoughts about living in the P-C!

  3. Hi LadyJustine
    Can I ask you: do you teach English over the internet for a company? Would you be willing to tell me who they are, & if they need teachers? I ask because I’ve been made redundant from my teaching job and I am trying to find other work. Thanks!

  4. Hey Emma, after 48 yr s of the granite rain i have decided to buy a little house in the Dordogne. I can not stand the thought of never ending 12 month blocks of Manchester rain. It is the 21 June today, my Daughters birthday, Fathers Day, and the longest day. I am sat indoors the heating is on and im wearing a jumper.
    Any advice for good first impression with the new neighbours?

    1. Say hi, don’t be bothered if it takes ten years to get to know them, get involved in as much community life as you can and enjoy! We’ve got 30°C and sunshine all week. I’m not missing Manchester too much, though it must be said, those wet weeks get to us here as well. It’s been a long time starting, this summer! Where are you planning on going?

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