Monthly Archives: May 2017

Swallow Your Pride

Monday doesn’t start better when you’ve got a song like this one

One of my favourites. This man belted out some tunes, didn’t he? If you feel crappy, you just have to put ‘Lovely Day’ on. That stuff is better than drugs. I think all alarm clocks should play ‘Lovely Day’ instead of beeping.

I’m pretty sure that’s the soundtrack to the Feff’s waking up. That dog is JOYOUS. He just can’t wait for the day to start and for breakfast to come. It’s a bit of a full frontal assault for me these days, needing easing into the day as I do. I think I’m going to need a full Bill Withers playlist this morning. Public holiday today in France. Always makes me miss the shelter, which is shut today. Another of my favourites went on a trial on Friday – not sure of that dog’s history but it’s not a good one. Fingers crossed he realises that homes don’t get better for him than the one he’s gone to. Normally, Lidy comes out of her enclosure like some small, shouty, fighty thing – all “bring it on, dogs of Mornac, bring it on!” but her favourite enemies have either changed position or found a home. On Saturday, she burst out of there and the only dog who was interested in her arrival was Putchy the chihuahua. Lidy brings ‘come out fighting’ to a new level. We’ve been doing ‘ donne’ in preparation for giving up toys or other things without a fight, and ‘laisse’ – which she has got to a perfection. I had biscuits all the way up her legs on Saturday and she was just looking at me like ‘You know me better, Emma, than to think this would fox me.’ She is right. We’re gearing up to other distractions. The world is a distracting place for Miss Lidy. She is sharper than any other dog I’ve worked with. Blazed through touch-targeting, her sit is pretty rock solid, and her down is good – getting there with the stay. Getting in and out without a fight depends very much on her audience. Funnily enough, another mali female has started the same mouthy, jumpy exits… they are not alone. When you come out for a walk and you have to pass God knows how many other dogs amping up the excitement level by 500, it’s not a surprise.

Today is Heston’s day, anyway. He is five years old today! Weather permitting, we’re doing Heston’s favourite thing today. Woodland hikes. It’s been a bit rubbish the last couple of days for walks. He has a new squeaky Kong rugby ball, his toy of choice. That dog loves a squeaker.

My Heston Star, much maligned. His favourite birthday present would be that the Feff finds a home.

Anyhow, we’re off to try and find a bit of sunshine and warmth to celebrate the fifth year of his life, and to try to avoid all the things that turn him into Charlie Sheen, and all the things that piss us both off. Some for me more than him and some for him more than me.