52 Mondays #12

52Mondays12More blue skies this week and it definitely feels like spring is here, if the evening temperatures are a little cool. A long, beautiful spring would be just perfect, thank you.

The river in my garden has finally all but disappeared, leaving nothing but sediment and smell. At the moment, it’s a powerful muddy quagmire that can easily take a Wellington boot off without any real effort. I’m sticking to the top end of the garden. I have not planted any seeds directly into the ground yet – bit foolhardy to do so when there have been frosts as late as May (last year) and I lost things to a late April frost the year before. I’m ever cautious now.

That said, most of my plant pots are full. I am sticking to my 6 seeds a day through February and March goal and the lean-to is a happy little sunspot filled with seeds and sprouting leaves and Tilly. She loves to sit right up at the top end, right in the sun, and she just lies there for as long as she feels she is not needed. It’s her favourite sunny spot.

Today is a busy day – fabric to buy for my next projects – and then walkies down at the refuge. Milord, my favourite, is in the process of being adopted, and I really hope it works out. Sadly, one of my favourites died in his sleep last week – he was only tentatively named as he was subject to a court case. He had been starved, chained to a radiator, and it was just too much. This photo was taken when I first walked him in February, when he arrived.

bacchus2He was a lovely, gentle giant – huge – but as you can see from the photo, he was very thin. Barely two weeks later and he died. I don’t have words for people who would willingly do a thing like this to an animal. That’s some of the sad news for the week. I’ve got a visit planned to a very special place later in the week – have been waiting and waiting to go – and then I promise I’ll give it a rest with the doggy goings on. Definitely the kind of place that restores your faith in humanity.

Hopefully, your skies are just as blue as mine today.



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