In the twinkling of an eye

Having just been St Patrick’s Day, thought we’d all like a little Irish today – a little late, but better late than never. Here’s Belfast’s own Van Morrison with Bright Side of the Road. 

I do have a very good reason for lateness. I usually write my Wednesday Whoo blog on a Tuesday night when I am in bed, but I have been getting crafty and gave myself a hand cramp. That happens. I picked up some fabric to finish off a special project I’ve been working on – maybe I’ll post some photos if I take them before I give them away. Sadly, I am usually too excited to give the badly made crafty present to its intended recipient and never end up taking photos of it. This means I forget what I’ve done, from time to time. Like the time I made a full-on wrestling outfit for a 9 year old, complete with hand-painted tattoos to match a particular Mexican wrestling favourite of the time. Gold trousers, complete with the requisite 619 and a muscle tee-shirt that I now have one terrible photo of. I should take more, I know. Or at least write down what I made and who I gave it to!

Sometimes, I get painterly. I’ve painted a good few things for friends and relations. Sometimes, I get sewwy – though usually only where children are concerned, or blinds and curtains. And sometimes I get knitty. Still haven’t quite finished my socks, as I got sidetracked by this current project. Nothing is more me than being distracted mid-project. However, the sock-off is still on. The other lady is turning the heel, so I could catch up!

I have to say, my favourite inappropriate craft gift was a clay model of my sister’s head that I did for my grandparents when I was about 13. I don’t know what happened to that. It lived for a long while on top of a bookcase at my Nana’s and then it just wasn’t there one day. Every Nana should have a clay model of her granddaughter’s head made by another granddaughter.

Anyway, I am celebrating the birthday of a special little girl today and marking the occasion by spending the day at an old dogs home. Tilly has a boyfriend called William in there – expect a lot of photographs over the next couple of days!

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