Just to find you some words

Need a bit of a musical boost to get you through the mid-week blues? Here’s Deacon Blue with an 80s classic, Real Gone Kid.

Following last Wednesday’s Wales focus, thought I’d travel around those politically-charged British Isles with a Scottish band, but I got carried away remembering photo booths and how much fun we used to have in them. Selfies of the past.

I think it probably all started for me around the same time as Deacon Blue hit the charts – 1986 or so. You’d tear them up and share them out – and there was a very well-used photo booth in the bus interchange where we seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time after school, just hanging about.


This is me and my good friend Emma. You can tell this is 1986 or 1987 as we have discovered eyeliner. That’s me with the gigantic eyebrows on the left. I don’t know why my eyebrows are quite so enormous. Nobody in my family  has gigantic eyebrows. I’d put money on the fact I was doing ‘closed mouth’ smiling because I had braces.


It was obviously a thing we did when waiting for buses. This one was after a headbangers’ ball in Bolton. We were waiting for the last bus back to Bury. My friend Danny is on the top right – he died in 1992 and sometimes it’s hard to think that it is 22 years this April since he died – he has now been dead longer than he lived. I can still hear his voice though. I wonder what happened to all the other fragments of moments that we tore up (you can see the rip in the bottom one!) and I wonder if other people have got boxes of photos of selfies from the past, cut up segments of a life they once had?

In fact, the more faded, the more torn, the more wonderful those photo booth pictures are. Selfies just aren’t the same. Not many of us had cameras back then, so photos are few and far between. It makes them more treasured though if you ask me. Now everyone has their phone out at all times, and that’s a good thing because it helps you keep hold of the past in ways we couldn’t do back then – not easily anyway. Some events come back easily to memory – especially from this point onwards – but I wish I could capture them as easily as I can now. I don’t think you can ever have enough photographs

Let’s have a Wednesday Whoo for photographs – an art invented to capture a moment and help us oldies remember our youth!

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