52 Mondays #11

52Mondays11A week of blue skies, sunshine and temperatures of 20°C – spring is definitely here. I’ve even been able to get out beyond the courtyard to start a little work out there – though I still have a river garden. I’ve cut back 30 vines this week – though the sap is already rising. A bit hard to do the main vines as their feet are still in water. Give it until the end of the week and I’m sure it will have disappeared underground once more.

Yesterday I was a busy lady – spring cleaning and dog walking and errands. It was so hot I was down to tee-shirts for dog walking. Today, more in the garden, more outside and hopefully a little bit of good news to bring you tomorrow. Feels like I’ve gone from a meander to crazy full-time flow again. Let’s just hope that last year’s feeble spring is a ghost of the past and there is a spring that brings me cherries and blossom and an end to my winter wardrobe. I live in hope. Can’t believe it’s already the second Monday in March! Last night, I had a lesson sitting on the beautiful terrace of a new client – and what a beautiful, beautiful evening it was. Teaching in my tee-shirt overlooking the soft hills of the Charente as the sun sets – work doesn’t get much better than that, does it?



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