If you threw a party…

… invited everyone you knew,

You would see the biggest gift would be from me

And the card attached would say

“Thank you for being a friend!”

It would be wrong to write my first blog post as a 40-year-old without starting with this song, the theme song from The Golden Girls

Much Love Monday could not start without a thank you to all my wonderful friends – those who could come on Saturday night and those who could not – for everything they’ve given me over the past few years. Maybe one day, we’ll all end up like The Golden Girls. Not dead. Well, that… eventually. But the bit before that.

Who in the world would have friends who… would wear a thermal snood in public? would ear support stockings just to amuse them? would wear granny nighties even though they most certainly came from a nursing home and were probably worn by dead people? would wear a hairnet and several flammable materials? would abandon family and friends just because you were having a party? would let you take over their house and drink their booze?

So, Much Love to…

January’s cherry

Natasha’s curlers and blue eyeshadow

Caroline’s frilly nighties

Verity’s hair net and old lady lippy

Deb’s chocolate fondants

Rachel’s snood, Bakewell tart and support stockings (sorry, Jim! That tart was too good to  leave leftovers)

Nancy’s falling asleep after a half-pint of pineau

The best moment was Phil dropping off our takeaway curry and asking where I was, when I was standing right in front of him in my nylon nightie, white wig, nylon dressing gown and rain hat.

I would also like to have a little Much Love space for several ladies who I wished could have been there – my sister most of all – and Deb and Joanne. That would have completed my night!

Much Love, of course, for my gifts. Who in the world has friends who send them sweetie parcels, stripper videos, rainhats, their favourite Dairy Milk, nylon nighties, hot sauce, old lady hand cream, denture cream and many more treasures besides?

The highlight has to be this amazing shopping trolley:


I’m so taking this down L’Eclerc when I go shopping. Practical and funky. What more could an old lady ask for?

It has been a weekend of great stuff. From fish and chips in Confolens on Friday to lunch in Angouleme on Saturday, then my party, then tea last night with even more lovely people. Today seems just a little miserable and wet in comparison. Time for a big fire, some indoor games with Heston and Tilly Wiggle to make up for the fact the rivers are so bloated and swollen that most of our usual walks are totally treacherous. The Tardoire has broken its banks and there’s more flooding than I’ve ever seen; the Bandiat is also overflowed. The Bonnieure is higher than I’ve ever seen it and even the Bellonne, which has always been nothing but a dry bed, is back. The water table still has some way to go because my puits are still empty and the lakes in Massignac are still low, but there’s certainly been enough rain. Where last year, my water bill was 200€, this year it is 37€

No love at all for Coliposte. 3 days of sitting in waiting for a parcel. Soon, I’m going to have nothing edible in the whole house. The parcel has been in France for 7 days and I’m super disappointed by their service.


Anyway, it’s Christmas and my tree is up. It has not yet been eaten by the Heston wrecking ball of fur and that in itself is a small mercy!



This year, the theme is red. It’s only a little tree, but it is quite delicious.

Time to get a wriggle on. I have fires to light, cleaning to do, lessons to prepare. Enjoy your Monday, my lovelies. I’m outta here!

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