The jar of good things

Sometimes, it’s very good to focus on the good stuff and not the negativity. It’s the choice of whether you go around looking at the world through gloomy grey glasses or whether you look at it through rose-tinted spectacles. Though being Pollyanna all the time isn’t realistic, it does help us stay focused on the nicer things if we do something that reminds of all the stuff we do that rocks.

Especially me. I’m terrible at remembering stuff. Plus, I need some rose-tinted specs for when I look back on things, so I remember just how cool they were.

This is why, when I saw this on Facebook (and nowhere can I find the original source, which I hate…) I thought it was a really good idea.



So I decided to do my own take on it with my own jar. I’ve decided to go from birthday to birthday, so this is great stuff that has happened from my birthday.



It might end up being a hair-brained scheme I never complete, but I thought it was a good idea. At the very least, it will be nice to open it on my 41st birthday and realise how great my year has been.

Even if there was a tornado.



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