Oh My Eyes!

For a start, there’s a naked boy in the living room, dancing around and saying:

“Naked Style!” and wondering why Heston is following him. Now he wants to know what I’m doing and is monitoring every word. He has also been telling me shaggy dog stories for the last hour… Stories with no end. Stories with a creepy little voice. This is the boy who conned his mum into buying a little friend for his monkey toy back in England, Reggie, and when he wanted a French name for it, we suggested Claude.


So he’s now called Claw in England, and Griffe in French.

However, in the car, moments out of the car park, Haydn said:

“I don’t think you should have bought this monkey, Mum. He’s going to kill Woof-Woof.” Woof-Woof is Haydn’s best teddy.

“Claw has got a black belt in Karate. Woof-Woof’s only a red belt.”

Although I have just been informed that Claw doesn’t want to kill Woof-Woof anymore because Claw only kills other black belts. That’s good to know.

I’m allowed to tell you that Haydn is a monkey

Second, the first thing we saw in the monkey place was the bonobos getting busy. That was a sight for sore eyes, believe me. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if they didn’t do quite so much getting busy. Haydn has just asked if I can put the shaggy picture of the monkeys on. He meant this:

The shaggy monkeys

Then there’s the titis, the cute little marmoset monkey. Haydn asking if he can have some titis… I shake my head in shame. I wish sometimes children never learned to read.

Despite the nakedness, the accidental bumping of hips, the inappropriately named monkeys and a few mishaps with the content of the blog if I leave it for even a second, in which my word have been hijacked and replaced with those of Damon, it has been a very busy couple of days – and lots and lots of fun.

Yesterday was the plan d’eau at St Yrieix where we got wet and sandy, then today has been Monkey Valley followed by a barbecue. Tomorrow is canoeing and lakeside swims, then Thursday is St Palais for moules-frites for Damon who is very much looking forward to them.

Next week, I have to have my top ten Power Boy comments, I think.

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