And some of the things I love about the English spring!

I wouldn’t like you to think there’s nothing I like about England… There’s a lot I will miss.

My garden and house are two of those things (and about the only two things that aren’t people!) especially since everything is coming into spring bloom. I know I have a flowing currant in France, but this was one of the very first things I planted. I always loved the smell. My mum has (had??!) two in her garden, a red and a pink, and I loved the pink the most, but the red was the one I found. King Edward VII Ribes Sanguineum.

Ribes Sangineum King Edward VII

I know it’s like the most popular, easy-to-care-for bush in England, but I do love the smell of it, and the way it’s one of the first ‘real’ flowers in my garden, after the winter gloom lifts.

And with a bit of a sunny day, it’s nice to see Basil enjoying the sun!

Basil enjoying the April sun

He does love to stretch out and sun-worship. Yoga for cats. I’m sure he’ll equally love the space in France, being able to watch the swallows, lying on the grass more frequently. He’s an old man, now, and I hope the journey is smooth for him, but I’m sure retirement will be happy!

The other things I love are Dicentra – I’ve got a couple (and I’m taking them with me!!) One is a little further on than the other…


The other isn’t far enough on for photography! I have a couple of aqualegias I love and I’m very much looking forward to having more! I think I want some kind of planted garden at the house – there isn’t a ‘garden’ as such at the moment – it’s all fairly functional – but I’d really like to build up a collection of plants for a proper garden. Maybe on the bit Jake considers his football pitch!! There’s space at the back behind the cabin and polytunnel, too, which is a bit more private. So my dicentras and aqualegias will be coming with me!


I hope, as Spring progresses, to document some of those I shall be leaving behind, as well as those I will be taking with me!

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