Summer in the sun; winter in the shade

Another fabulous spring day to help warm me up, and leave me with a nice taste of England in my mouth. Steve’s going back to France on Monday for another 10 days, ostensibly to water my veg and keep things in order! Hopefully everything is warming up and growing over there! I can’t wait to see how it’s getting on, yet I have another month before I can get over there. Not so good. Still, it leaves me with plenty to do here! A little spring cleaning never went amiss!

My favourite spring cleaning site: I love this site. It really brings the joy to cleaning. I wish I were the kind of woman who could do this all day. I have to say that this has probably really helped me with the ‘little and often’ approach, and the ‘de-cluttering’ processes. I’m still having all the design dilemmas. I think it will have to be cream in most of the rooms – they’re so dark, without the shutters open. Even with the shutters open, the living room is dark. There’s some lovely vinyl flooring (cheaper than tiles!) in sand and light colours, which I like a lot, though it would show the mud, of which I suspect there will be a lot! Antique stone and slab looks seem to work well. I think with cream walls, possibly with a wallpaper insert, it would look really good! The ceiling needs painting white, too.

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