Sweat much?

I’m on my second day of deliveries – and yesterday was the hottest in the year so far. The Clio doesn’t have air-con, so I sailed around with the windows open full and tried not to be too hot. I got lots of free drinks along the way, which is quite lovely and an added bonus. I love the lady in Café Bavarde in Chasseneuil – she’s one of those people that you just know has lived a very, very interesting life and I’d like a good three or four days hiking in some wilderness somewhere so she could fill me in on some of the highlights.

Today is much stickier. I’d say ‘humide’ but the French mean that as moist and rainy. It kind of is a bit, if you look at my face. My pores have had a good cleaning, anyway. So much for steam rooms and saunas. I’m just having a drink now before I go out on my rounds.

And yesterday was the first day I really got that corner sorted that I started (well, Steve dug up) in April. Here it once was:

And here it now is:

Of course, some of this is just natural growth, but the flowerbed is now at its splendid glory. I’ve very much enjoyed making it from this:


to this:


There are several really lovely flowers in there. Some were 29 c from Lidl, some were from Thompson and Morgan. Some were saved seeds from last year. Some are annuals, some are perennials.



Achillea and marigolds






2 thoughts on “Sweat much?

  1. Lourd is very boring. Lots of french have “lourd” legs. There is an advert about it in the pharmacy.
    I was going to say, less boringly, what a completely wonderful thing you have achieved…and…wonderfully, you have achieved it, and matured it, before your puppy can re-route it! Felicitations.

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