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Take Tuesday: hearts

I’m doing  a link up I found from Loulou Downtown for a themed photo. I’ve added a song as well because this week’s theme of ‘hearts’ made me think of this song.

Photo first:

Then song:

I loved Roddy Frame. I’m sensing a theme this week. Men in jeans and leather jackets. Has there ever been such an appealing combination?

From Jimmy Dean and Marlon Brando to Nick Kamen washing his 501s in the Levis adverts, never has a combination like that been such a great look on a man. But if you get to 40 and you’re still rocking that look, you need to remember that Jeremy Clarkson also rocks this look, and it IS NOT a good look for a man with a midriff drift. To be fair, he’s more of a fan of the sports jacket with the jeans, and that’s not a good look either.

But still, you be my Roddy Frame circa 1987 and I’ll be your Madonna circa True Blue.