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Le crapaud dans le trou

One of the best things about being here and having a glut of fruit is the ability to cook properly – not in a kitchen where there are brake pads on the fridge!

My mum sent me a fantastic recipe for roasted plum sorbet which I loved but wasn’t to Monsieur Hynes’ taste. To be fair, we’ve got far too many plums. I know it’s been a plum-tastic year, but there are still four trees heavy with fruit. That’s an awful lot of plum jelly, plum jam, plum cobbler and so on, so I was grateful for the other recipes. Last night, Jake was in charge of tea. He made le crapaud dans le trou, otherwise known as toad-in-the-hole. He’s exceptionally good in the kitchen is Jake. He mixed the batter and we put it in the freezer for 10 minutes to rest it and cool it. I’m with the Japanese on battered things. Tempura batter is always used on the point of freezing. The colder it is going into the hot batter, the crisper it seems to be!

It will be nice, though, to go and get our eggs from the chicken house for the first time. Hopefully, we’ll have some by the end of the week! Steve’s cousin put up some photos of her trip to Wales and her husband and son had found a couple of eggs from their ‘neighbours’ – and I’m convinced Jake will be just as excited as Damon was to find his first egg!