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Doglets’ happy endings

Those of you who are regular readers will know that I have the most massive space in my heart for children and animals. You know that if I could find someone who would finance it, I would happily take on as many dogs as I could manage and do nothing but walk them and pet them and play with them all day long. I know you know too how hard it is for me to walk away from the refuge and not take a couple of dogs with me in my pocket. The only thing that stops me is the thought of “why stop at two? Why not twenty? And which twenty? If you’re going to take twenty, how do you leave the other hundred and eighty behind? Take them all!!”

Simply being unable to choose one makes it a little easier. Plus, they are clean, dry, fed, watered and cared for, which is a lot more than many dogs, shamefully, can say.

And you also know I have the most massive space in my heart for Twilight, the home for dogs in the Dordogne, which takes on dogs in the refuges and gives them a nice place to live in freedom for whatever is the remainder of their life.

So imagine my joy when my favouritest of doglets finds a place at Twilight?

You cannot.

It looks a bit like this:


Anyway, this is what I was doing.

And if Sirius knew, this is what he’d be doing as well.


You can read more about Sirius here 

And you can read more about Twilight here 

I just have my fingers crossed that everything goes okay and that he has a happy, happy retirement. To end up at a refuge as a pensioner is a sad, sad thing.

And more good news, because it’s not just about the fact that Twilight themselves take old woofers, but I am meeting a lady today who has been inspired by Twilight and wants an old woofer of her own. Keep your fingers crossed for that one! Having spent a part of my day yesterday in the company of the delightfully joyous Calîne, a spritely 14 year old something-or-other who chases a ball and races around like a 4 year-old, it’s safe to say there’s life in the old dogs yet.