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Design ideas for the bedroom #1

I’m sticking with my general orange theme for the bedroom. Orange, white and brown. I will make white muslin curtains for the windows for summer, then some lush brown curtains for winter, with a milky coffee voile panel. The ceiling is cheap wood panels, so I shall paint that white. Not sure if standard UK light fittings fit French lights, but I might take my little chandelier. It all needs rewiring anyway.

Where’s my brother when I need him??!

I will leave the floorboards, once they’ve been stripped and xylened, then polish them and put the stuff in. I’ve still not decided which way I want the bed to go – The room has a north-facing window which looks on to the secret garden *read ‘wilderness’* and is longer than it is wide. I think the bed will have to face west. No doubt we’ll have the ‘who sleeps where’ dilemma, since Steve likes to sleep on my right and he needs to sleep nearest the door. He won’t be able to do both unless I point the bed the other way. These things matter!!

I was going to have the wall behind the bed done in some B&Q paper in brown and orange, but having seen the following design in Ideal Home 2010, I think I’m going for a drape behind the bed in an orange/white fabric. I may even paint the whole room white and dispense with the brown wall. It’ll look lighter that way, especially with the north-facing window.

Ideal Home Magazine 2010

I know this is the obsession-of-late Tara Grove Garden fabric, which mine won’t be in (though how fantastic does this look??!)

Now I need some suitable fabric. I may even do the curtains in it too.