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Go Laws! Go Laws! Go Laws! (and Osborne too)

Funny how mostly Osborne meant wallpaper to me…

David Laws is announcing cuts as I type. I like the fact that all civil servants whose salaries are worth more than the PM’s (£142,ooo!) will have to have their salaries approved. No matter what you do, your job is not more important or stressful than the PM’s. Perhaps all private sector business bodies should say the same. I promise here and now that should I earn more than £142,000 I will donate the rest to charitable causes. I’d even give it to the tax-man. Imagine if everyone who earned more than this figure gave even 10% to local charities or schools/hospitals… it’d be amazing. You could actually see what was being done with your money. I know every time I had a pay rise, I donated more… never as much as I could, but always at least 1% of my wage. 1% of £150,000 would be £1,500. You wouldn’t even miss 1%. It’s 10p in every £10. In £100, it’s a single pound. I think we could all afford this. And nothing a civil servant does could be worth more than the PM’s salary. Good on you, David C, for making this point. Honest Dave, you certainly seem to be.

It beggars belief that some people earn so much, especially when it comes from not-for-profit Government. Fair enough in industry or football, to some extent, but when it comes out of the public coffers, they should be accountable.

It’s funny how the Government is little more than a big version of one of us debtors. They spend more on debt interest, according to Osborne, than on defence, transport or the police. As a debtor, I hear this. I know I spend more on interest than I do on clothes. I spend more on debt interest, including my mortgage, than I do on food. If I didn’t have the interest from debts, I’d be able to live off £400 a month. Thus the move to France. Partly. I can afford to live debt-free. Funny how we all strive to be debt-free, but, like Willy Loman, it usually takes us to the end of our lives to afford it.

I’m also glad quangos won’t be able to use first class transport. From Manchester to London, it’s £317.00. I never understood why Wigan Council would rather pay this than let me fly for £60. I don’t think that sweeping irrational act was really worth almost a quarter of a grand. When I was trained as a consultant, my room was £900 for 4 days, to stay in Kensington. Whilst it was lush, I wondered what kind of life I was being welcomed into. The only time I’ve ever stayed in a £200-a-night hotel was there. The Ibis would have been more than adequate, quite frankly!

Looks, too, like local government will be hit. Half a billion of savings to come from them. Good stuff. Having seen the waste at Bury Council, who are notoriously poor, and at Wigan Council, I say good! I like how advisers are appointed…. amalgamate two schools. Give the good teacher the job and send the bad teacher to be the subject adviser for the authority. Let him work his way up the ranks, even though he was never more than a head of Art or Music, and let him tell schools how to operate, whilst spending most of the time in meetings, meetings and meetings, in expensive hotels, all over the country, when a phone conference or video conference would have done. Or a memo.

I think all these cuts are going to my head.

I like that Laws and Cable have got rid of their limos, and Cameron walks the street. I once worked for a head who patrolled constantly; it was the best school I ever worked in. He was a God among head teachers.

I’m seeing a problem with the ‘de-ringfencing’ however… schools are a microcosm of Government… when money wasn’t ringfenced, it was spent on stupid things, like a £40,000 emblem on the hall floor. Ring-fencing it is the only way to ensure councils do what they should with it, rather than financing art centres no-one goes to.