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My Ema to the universe

In Japan, it is a shinto tradition to leave an Ema plaque in the grounds of a temple, saying what you wish for and asking the gods for support.

I’d like to put my little prayer out there for today:

“Grant me the peace to deal with certain individuals without punching them in the face or completely losing my temper even though they shouldn’t even have been blessed with children. Please let the boat sell and let them pay quickly. Please let United Utilities pay back the money they owe me quickly. Look after Jake. Look after Steve. Look after Michael Gove because he’s doing the right thing, and if you can, I’d really like Ed Balls to slip on a banana skin. Also, now this is between you and me, and you know who I’m talking about, if you could just see your way clear to helping her steer clear of alcohol altogether, that’d be great. Help her see that alcohol isn’t good for family relationships. Really, really bless Jasmin. She needs a break. Thanks for everything you’ve done. I’m loving your work with QCDA and the NAA already, and the GTCE. I’m also liking your work with the France thing. Thanks for helping me be strong enough to see out 2006 and 7, as they were quite shit. Sometimes I really don’t listen to the messages you’re giving me. Thanks for keeping telling me. I know it’s an AA thing, but grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change, and courage to change the things I can… a little bit of wisdom would help sometimes too’

I miss praying. I miss being able to go into a shrine in Japan and just sit there being thankful and accepting stuff and dealing with it and coming to terms. It helps me a lot with peace. I wish Bolton had a shinto shrine. Even a Buddhist one would do!