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Les chevaliers de feu

Last night, Jake and I went to see an ‘Equestre Spectacle’ – a horse show with a difference. It was up at Les Menardieres, which is a stables near us. Jake’s quite into horses, and I was as a teenager. In fact, the day my Mum told me she and my dad were splitting up, I wrote in my diary: “Mum and Dad are getting a divorce. I was on Tiger today.” I loved my riding lessons. We had a very relaxed teacher and we were always on a range of horses. My favourite was Kelly. He was a blue roan stallion, lots of character and very good looking, for a horse!

Anyway, we got there to a lot of pomp and ceremony – there was a lot of ‘Carmina Burana’-style music – and a very spirited grey stallion amidst lots of others. Jake was getting quite excited. There weren’t many people there – I’d say about a hundred, but it was fantastic.

At first, there was a bit of jousting, complete with costumes. There was a bit of axe-throwing and jousting and hitting each other off horses, and ended with a mock sword fight. At half time, there was the obligatory crepes and I seem to have upset a local by being boisterous. Apparently I ‘shoved’ my way to the bar. I didn’t. I explained I was from Manchester and that we’re a little more aggressive than the usual. And I was thirsty. I got several looks from the various men propping up the bar. I was obviously some sort of freak. However, I’m used to being stared at as if I’m mental.

After that, we had a little bit of magic, costumes, fire displays and flame throwing. It was very atmospheric, what with the chateau lit up in the background and the music and costumes, all in the pitch black in the middle of nowhere. Not only that, but on our way home, there were hundreds of paper lanterns floating through the sky. A very magical evening!!