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La roseraie

I’m in love with the roses in my garden, already, but I’m definitely planning a few more ‘rose’ areas. I’d like them all along the length of the veranda, really, to go with the beautiful ones already planted.

From where Steve’s jumper is hanging to the beautiful roses planted where the buanderie starts, I’d like a really huge row of beautiful hybrid tea roses. I’m planning on taking cuttings from my own rosebushes, including the one my Gramps bought me when I moved into my current house in 1997, which is a deep red. I’ve also got a beautiful yellow rose and a terracotta one.

I can’t decide whether to go for one colour, or a variation on colours, like yellow and red, or whether to go for the profusion of roses. I think I’d like a kind of rainbow of roses, in a jumble of sweet-smelling gorgeousness!

Gertrude Geckyll from David Austin Roses


Huge white blooms from David Austin roses

And the worst thing is I’m stuck here in England and I can’t get into my court yard to enjoy it! Jake also doesn’t yet realise I’ll be sending him out with a shovel every time a horse walks by!