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Le retour de l’homme

Steve’s on his way back this evening. He’s glad I think to be coming home, though I think I’m sad it’s him joining us and not the other way around. He sent Jake a text last night saying he’s as excited as before Christmas Eve and Jake’s his present. I can’t wait until he’s over with us.

The political situation is also very unsettled. Both the pound and the euro are down against the dollar. The problems in Greece and Spain have led to a weak euro, but the pound is in a terrible state against it… our Governmental issues are rife.

Can’t believe Ed Balls is stil in power. Would have thought the good people of Morley would have got rid. Mini-Blair Milliband is also still in, as is Hazel Blears. I kind of like Hazel Blears. I like she is a little feisty shortarse who rides a motorbike and rocked the boat a bit. I don’t believe in towing the party line if you don’t believe in it. Investment is huge in Salford, and maybe Blears has a lot to do with that. It’s becoming a different place, in parts, though Ordsall and Langworthy are still (and always going to be) the same. I like she came from a working class background and was the first to go into higher education. She reminds me a little of me, for all her faults. For all her sins, she’s not smarmy or fake or false. Good for Hazel.

At the same time,  I’m sad the lib dems didn’t have a higher proportion of seats. I think it’s right and proper we should have a wide variety of parties: we aren’t a republic. I like Nick Clegg and I think he’s sincere. It’s time we stopped this monopoly of Tory/Labour – they’re too comfortable in their positions. I very much like the cartoon from The Times depicting Brown as a bull in a china shop, I think it sums up my view of him: I trust him to fix it, more than the Tories, but then he broke it in the first place.

Morten Morland Cartoon - The Times

I wonder if I should do a ‘Paul Daniels’ and say I’ll leave the country if a party I don’t endorse get in? I know he didn’t (not even a man of his word, let alone a good magician!) but I could say I disapprove.

I am glad the Green party are represented. I think it’s good to have someone with a say in there, even if it’s only one person.

I couldn’t bring myself to vote Tory, not after the expenses scandal in particular. Duck palaces and moat cleaning take the piss and remind us what being a Tory is all about. I like Clegg’s pro-Europe stance; I think in 100 years, we will be part of the USE and if we’re not, we’ll never compete with the likes of a resurgent Brazil, India or China. India is too disorganised to break in to global domination. So they can do things cheaply and they have manpower, so what? China is ingenious and Brazil has resources. And the only way we can fight against these super-sized nations is if we man up. And if that means taking part in a United States, that’s fine with me. I’m pro-euro… If it can rebound from Greece and Spain, it is long-lasting. It’s good to have a no-boundaries Europe, whatever the anti-immigrants say. In fact,  I don’t think immigration is a problem, from Europe. Sure there are scroungers from less developed nations, but there are worse scroungers from Britain itself. I’m thinking of Karen Matthews et al. Vile individuals who squeeze out kids to make enough cash to keep them in cheap lager and bingo fags.

In fact, alongside the amusing Tory posters (and what a colossal waste of money they are!) depicting Gordon Brown smiling, there was a comment in The Times from a guy calling it the contest of the ‘dead babies’ and that’s exactly how Cameron played it, and exactly what I despise about the man. Fancy dragging out the dead baby to win an election! As much spin as Blair, and no mistake.

So… not enough of a wide variety, glad that Nick Griffin hasn’t got anywhere, sad that more people haven’t had faith in Clegg, annoyed that Balls is still there, alongside Mini-Blair, smirking that Blears is still there (and a little happy, too!) glad the Greens have got someone in Parliament.

I know this might not be a popular comment, and I’m aware of his past transgressions, but I think Charles should have more say in this Constitutional Monarchy of ours. I like what he has to say!