Happy in the haze

A bit of Salford’s finest for you this Monday morning.

You can’t beat a bit of the Smiths for passive aggressivity.

Well, my wishes were granted – lots and lots of blue skies and warm weather. I just love this time of year. Lunch with friends last Monday was just perfect out in the sun in Angoulême in t-shirts and summer shoes. Sure, we had a couple of overcast days, but the balance was definitely in favour of the blue.

Today, I’m finishing off my last assignment before my thesis for my canine behaviour practitioner course… breed specific legislation. I’m sure I don’t need to share with you the idiocy of this. I think every single person who owns a dog should do the mandatory training. It would save a fair few dogs being left at the shelter or returned. One young dog was returned on Friday night. His crime is that he is a young dog, and the owner wanted him to behave like a well-trained seven-year-old. She could have taken a well-trained seven-year-old in the first place, but there is no pleasing some people. If you want young, you’ve got to invest in a dog’s education and occupation to get the older dog you want.

After that, I have either two months to do the dissertation, or will have to put it off until I have finished GCSE marking…. will have to see how it goes.

The first family of kittens arrived on Saturday to the shelter, so I scooped them up. Truth be told, it is strange not having kittens in the bathroom. I don’t know how people cope without them. But as cute as they are, I would so much prefer that there were no kittens at all. Luckily, more and more people are choosing to get a shelter cat – after all, it’s way cheaper than a ‘free’ one and if you want an all-purpose moggy, there’s a lot to choose from.

This week is a short one: today is a national holiday in France, and my UK GCSE students are back at school or away. My French-based students are off gallivanting. Although I’ve got lessons every night as per usual, it does make a difference having a slight reduction from last week. What I plan on doing today is spending every single minute in the garden. The apple blossom is superb and the temperature is just perfect for me. Oh for a country where every day is 20°C with a warm wind. But as Morrissey would no doubt say, we’d all be miserable there too if we had it.

Have a great week and enjoy your Monday


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