The Human Zoo

Well, it’s another Monday. A bit different than last Monday with 34°C, given that today I’m back in jeans and long sleeves; Bit of AC/DC to wake you up with If You Want Blood. 

It’s been a bit of an AC/DC kind of year. I don’t know what you make of that. I blame it on Supernatural. That’s a long time since I started watching Season 1, let me tell you.

I’ve moved on anyway to House of Cards, which is also excellent in a kind of Shakespearean villain kind of a way. I love Kevin Spacey. He’s a bit like Samuel L Jackson – you can be pretty sure that it’ll be a good thing you’re watching. It kind of makes up for the loss of Dean and Sam Winchester.

So what am I Much Loving this Monday? I’m loving my doggie pals and new doggie friends who came to the training day that I hosted here last Tuesday. I’ll tell you there’s a big difference when we had mostly shepherds here… someone should do a study on it. We were definitely supervised by all those dogs. At one point, three of us had walked up to the house to get lunch, we were quite literally shepherded by six of the shepherds. Not so much when you’ve got terriers and spaniels, let me tell you.

I’m not loving the dirty teenage storm that rampaged through my garden on Tuesday night. Turned up, wrecked some neighbouring trees, left them strewn all over my nice tidy garden and then left. The electric went off for a good forty minutes and the internet was down until the morning after. It was only Thursday though that I realised a stray branch had left a huge great big dent in the bonnet of my car. Plus, my garden was really tidy. It’s taken me almost all week just to clear up all the debris. Grrrr.

To be honest, the week went in a bit of a blur – back to school is like that. This week, I’ve got a few extra bits and pieces to do – and then a bit of a breather. I’m hoping to get started on a new assignment as well, having just about finished one. I’ve been reading like a demon at the moment – but I’m finding myself less and less tolerant of crap. I’ve turned into a 5* and a 1* reviewer. I’m getting very polarised in my old age. I finished All the Light You Cannot See a couple of weeks ago which I absolutely loved. St Malo is a great setting for any story. It really made me want to go back again. I think it must be 12 years since I was there. That was one of those breaks that really re-set my nerves, wet and wild as it was. Much Love for St Malo and those lovely, blustery coastlines. It feels like a long time since I saw the sea.

Sad news too about one of our dogs at the refuge, Cobby, who was put to sleep as he had acute leukaemia. The prognosis was terrible and he’d gone down hill very quickly. I’m sorry Cobby my darling. I had thought he had giardia and that’s not good for Tobby, who is frailer and more fragile than I’ve seen him since he arrived, otherwise I think I’d have found it hard to justify not adding another to the big old crazy testosterone-pack. I’d mentally chalked myself up to take Cobby before we knew what it was. Six big male dogs? What the hey. But even so, it was too late and not enough, and I’m so sincerely sorry Mr Cobby. You deserved so much more. I look at Dawson, Amon, Aster, Simba and Cleo every time I’m at the refuge and feel my heart hurting. They all deserve more. And Mimire is snoring in Ralf’s old bed… it’s not right is it? He deserves a home too. And Effel, who needs more than a six-dog house can give him. More adopters please, and more people who go “Give me a big old dude!” That will make my Monday much lovelier. Sometimes I think  we have a hard time remembering that we can’t save them all. We don’t have many at all who don’t get adopted, but it’s the ones who we fail that we remember.

Right, I’m off out to walk the doglets. Time to get Monday started.

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