Be just as kind as you can be

A bit of a Sixties classic for you this fine Monday morning with Bobby Vee and Take Good Care Of My Baby 

I must have a bit of Grease, Stand By Me or Dirty Dancing in my bones today. When you grew up in the 80s, everyone who made movies was looking back to the 50s and 60s. I wonder if you grow up these days, do people look back to the 90s? It all seems very near to me! It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many years between finishing university and ending up here.

What do I have Much Love for this Monday Morning? First, the sunshine (though give it up just a little and give us a little bit of rain… my trees look like they’re actually dying!) and the warm. It’s at that time of the year I just love – cool mornings, fresh breezes, warm afternoons and evenings. Because there’s been no rain for the best part of eight weeks, there’s been very little by way of stuff growing. Good time to tackle all the undergrowth and hedges before autumn sets in!

I’ve also got a lot of love for seeing my little students again. It has been fabulous to catch up. Some I’ve not seen for ten weeks, and it feels like an eternity. I can’t believe how much some have grown up – a couple who finish Terminale this year, a couple embarking on GCSEs, some going to secondary school or collège for the first time. It was quite a shock to have a door opened yesterday by one of my students who must have grown about a foot in the summer.

Much love as well for those ladies out there who are just really nurturing spirits. A message from them always feels like a hug and a kiss from my Nana. Hugs and kisses from Nanas are well-known to sustain your soul. There are a handful of ladies in my life who just have this super-calm loveliness and you never fail to feel nourished by their kindness and general sharing of the love. More please. And less of me feeling so very grouchy and grumbly. It’s kind of rubbish to just offload whatever random ranting has pushed me over the payload that day. I’ve got such a low tolerance for crap at the moment. I need a break from crappy people’s dramas and offloading so that I don’t turn into a crappy person who just has dramas and offloads!

Much Love for the Mr Heston who cleared a woody strip of deer and other wildlife before the hunters turned up. Gotta love a dog who shepherds deer to safer places. The hunt season started yesterday in earnest and for the first time in months we went to the proper forest. I can’t remember why we stopped – I had a cortisol vacation in mind for Heston. Too much stimulation is not good for a dog. You can’t be a dog version of an adrenaline junkie.

Much Love also for all the free stuff on the internet. I mean just WOW you can read a lot of stuff. I’m feeling a real regret that I didn’t breathe through the gruesome biology lessons and drawing cells. I’m just wondering what kind of life I’d have if I’d been a zoologist. That’d be a cool job. There’s nothing like getting to 43 and wondering how many other careers you might want in your life. I’m writing this listening to a free webinar, got another one lined up and my browser is FULL of science. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Too much to study! I love to study. It makes me so happy, understanding the world. Every time I learn something, it’s like another piece of the world’s jigsaw fits into the puzzle.

Not Much Love at all for having finally finished watching Supernatural. I think I started watching them in January, so it’s been a long relationship with the Winchesters. I feel a bit bereft. House of Cards up next, but you better be good Kevin Spacey, you better be good.

Right… better get a wiggle on.

Have a lovely Monday ❤



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