The story of where you came from

Bit of Kings of Leon for you this Monday – well, what’s left of it. I got caught up in a mire of exam papers and dog measuring!

Tomorrow, I shall mostly be sitting inside and staying out of the ridiculous heat. 38°C today and 40°C tomorrow. Silly hot. It was just lovely last week for about 5 days, where it was sub-30°C and  gentle breezes. Saturday morning was just perfect. Now we’re already all too hot and it’s hit ridiculous by 10am. I did a mad errand dash at nine to get shopping in and sort out the post and Tobby’s been panting like a crazy dog since 8.30 when it was already 24°C.

It is a good day to stay inside. Today, all set allocations for exam marking are finished and the rest of the unmarked papers are in a collective pot, so it’s a bit of a free-for-all. They tend to go very quickly and you’ve got to be on the ball to get many. I’ve been trying my best to get through some, but my stamina has gone and it’s too hot everywhere in my house.

I’m going to get a cold drink and try and plough on. I will be glad when there are no papers left and I don’t feel the pressure to keep marking! My fourth lot of kittens are at the vet tomorrow for their vaccinations and microchips – we’re at the point in the year where there just aren’t enough adoptions of kittens and too many coming in. I can’t even begin to tell you the sadness of the little one-day-olds found in a plastic bag. Only a few have survived. But they’re coming in thick and fast now – barely a day without arrivals. The dogs are too hot and kennel cough has hit epidemic proportions, meaning no adoptions unless the dogs are healthy enough to leave. No dogs going off to Germany, no dogs leaving… too hot for walks. Tough times indeed.

Roll on next Monday, that’s all I can say!

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