Just one thing I couldn’t do

Given the most foul weather here, it definitely feels more like early spring. Here’s a bit of the Jesus and Mary Chain to advance the seasons a little.

Last week was just insane. The weather doesn’t help. Saturday brought temperatures of 35°C and storms. Friday was mild and Sunday heaved down with rain. It’s great grass-growing weather and terrible gardening weather. This week, I’m losing my phone and my internet just to get a bit of peace and quiet!

Heston had his vet visit for the new Leishmaniosis vaccination. Another side effect of climate change. The wet, warm weather is bringing sandflies further up north and we’re getting more and more infections. The vet warned me repeatedly about ticks – not happy with only the Seresto collar. I’ve added Advantix as well for Heston as he’s always getting ticks. The second visit was for the kitties I’ve had here. They were having their microchip and vaccinations. Sadly, the reservation for Mocha fell through. Well, at least I think it did. I do love it when people don’t bother answering their phones or emails. I’d prefer a “thanks, but we’ve changed our minds” or a “sorry, but this has turned out to be a really bad time for us” – instead I’m left with a little girl who’s looking for a home. I’m sure she will though. She’s a beauty!


She is currently listening to the screaming of the EIGHT kittens who arrived in a box on Saturday evening and who are now home with me. They’re tiny tots. Four are still being bottle-fed, but four are weaned. I’m hoping to spread the burden a little this week!

As for the rest of everything, most of it was only loosely connected to me, but it did seem like a globally crappy week. This week is not looking much better – which is why I plan on throwing my phone away!

I did have a very lovely Sunday afternoon Game of Thrones catch up. Oh My God. That’s all I can say. I can’t get enough of this series. I’m afraid for everything else, I managed to re-read about the same five pages of Jean Donaldson’s book Culture Clash. 

I definitely need a bit of love this Monday morning…

So what’s on my favourites? A bit of 80s Stone Roses. A bit more Jean Donaldson, oh she of the infinite wisdom about dogs. A bit of TLC from Sarah. A lot of love for those people who step up and pick up the slack when I can’t. Electric blankets which stop me from the February-like temperatures when I’m JUST NOT lighting a fire as it’s nearly June. Lovely, lovely kitty adoptants who restore all of my faith in kindness. Foxgloves finally flowering. How green everything is.

How long is it until the exams are over and schools are finished?! Right… a jiggle on is needed. Second feed of the day!

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