Mind like a landmine

Gosh that got late quickly!

Here’s a Monday track for you, even if Monday is only 6 hours from being over.

Bit of a Them Crooked Vultures vibe at the moment. This is one of my favourite tracks of theirs.

Been a busy weekend of course, but a very good one. Well good overall. It was the Hope booksale, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday evaporated in a sea of books and chat. It was a bit of a miserable wet one on Friday – I got into bed about 8pm and didn’t get back out again. It takes it out of you getting up early. I’m always trying to make sure the dogs have had plenty of exercise before I go out – but the morning fields are full of creatures, and it sometimes gets a bit torturous trying to walk past pheasants and rabbits, hare and deer. It’s a bit of a trek up to Sauzé Vaussais, though I’ve got the route in my head. Amigo came with me on Friday and Saturday – he was absolutely exhausted. Tobby came with me yesterday to represent the refuge. He had his thirteen-month anniversary here last week and he was as excited as ever to be at the booksale. Forget being fourteen and having rotten teeth and arthritic legs. In his head, he’s still a pup. Still, even he slept all the way home.

Saturday night was also Eurovision. Not quite sure how I drove home at 1am and didn’t end up asleep at the side of the road. I was representing Israel – you have no idea how often I wear my white wig and frilly petticoat, let me tell you. Perennial fancy dress favourites.

Needless to say, last night I was in bed by 9pm. I spent a lot of the evening trying to gather information about some nutbags that have bred their dogs and didn’t bother to do it properly. In usual circumstances, it doesn’t even matter, but these dogs need to be pedigree otherwise the police or town hall can insist they are removed and they can fine the owners. Removal often means euthanasia as well. Whether or not you believe in breed-specific regulatory legislation, the fact is that it exists, and to breed dogs on purpose when you know that you are running foul of the law makes you utterly irresponsible in my eyes. Worst is that it’s me that comes off looking like a villain. Trouble is that with a number of dogs like this at the refuge, unable to be advertised, given away or adopted in France, it leaves us with very limited options. What makes me most mad is that dogs who are restricted for legal reasons have more of a need to be extremely well socialised since they have yearly behavioural evaluations, and these puppies at 15 weeks have entirely missed the socialisation window.

I had long chats with other associations at the weekend – we all have very high standards for adoption. I know you might think we’d all be happy to adopt any dog to any person, but we aren’t. Old people wanting puppies and kittens are a particular sticking point. Hunters wanting cheap stock is another. We all wish people would think of rescue dogs as RESCUE dogs rather than CHEAP pets.

As for this week… it’s a usual busy one. Last week’s rain means this week’s gardening tasks are not only on a backlog but also much less fun. Good lord, does stuff grow round here. It doesn’t even much look like it’s warming up this week. Mild and hazy seems to be the general forecast. None of the forecasts look dry. I find myself hopping from one to another, vainly hoping that I’ll find one that is less bad than the others, and I can have a little faith in it. I don’t know why I care. My week is virtually a write-off right the way through to next Monday. Best get busy!

1 thought on “Mind like a landmine

  1. not trying to be a smart ass, i don’t understand the breed specific laws. i get specific. are these people doing mixed designer breeds?

    cold and rainy here, also. indiana usa.

    ice cream. raz

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