Cherry Ice Cream Smile

Men with highlights, cream suits and ties on a yacht? It can only be Duran Duran.

I don’t think you get more 80s than Duran Duran. Well, except for Wham! I think we all need a bit of Duran Duran to get the summer started. It feels wrong to start without them. Mind you, despite last Thursday’s lush 26°C, yesterday ended with some fair cold winds.

Yesterday was the refuge bric-a-brac, and it was a really busy day, which is good. It’s all so weather-dependent. The year before last, or last year, I can’t remember which, started with rain round 10am and everyone packed up and went home. It was busy enough yesterday for us to run out of sausages by mid-lunchtime. It was also nice to get to chat to people rather than being constantly busy. I’d loosely agreed to take a little old poodle home as well – another one whose owner had gone into hospital – you know the story. Luckily, she went on a trial adoption, otherwise people would really start to question my reputation. You know I’m going to end up one of those old ladies who smells of talcum powder and has a little old poodle.

Next weekend is the Hope booksale in Clussais La Pommeraie, and I’ve spent a lot of time clearing the decks to make sure I’ve got a three-day run clear. I can’t believe how everything just ramps up to super-speed until the summer holidays kick in. It’s only a month until I go back to the UK for the weekend for GCSE marker training, and then that ends up being a four-week block of intense marking. I’m beginning to get those piles of paper on my dinner table, little lists of things I need to remember to do and sort out. I’m hoping I can clear them all by the end of the week too.

Other than that, not much changes. I’ve been trying to clear out various outbuildings – you can’t believe that in six years, you can accumulate quite so much stuff. I could open a scrapyard with all the chainsaw parts I found. I’m pretty sure my hangar is where old chainsaws and strimmers come to die. Either that or they’ve been reproducing. I don’t think much of their offspring – they’re mostly in need of putting out of their misery.

Kitties are all growing up and at the terrorist point in running around attacking legs and stuff. I think vaccinations will be next week, meaning these babies have been with me much longer than most. The season always starts like this. They are still very young at this point in the year. Later on, they come in aged 7 or 8 weeks and just have to wait out the quarantine. Plus, they’re not quite so in need of cleaning and treatments. It tends to speed up as the year goes on. I miss cats though. I’m going to miss mum a great deal. Dogs just aren’t petting sponges like cats are. There is something so therapeutic about spending half an hour with a cat on your lap, even if you’re a virtual prisoner. Dogs are very needy in comparison.

Anyway, busy day ahead… dog walk, lessons, lessons, lessons. Mum cat is going back to the refuge to be spayed in the morning. She’s been a great mum, but it’s no life having babies when you’re a baby yourself. Have a very lovely week – I’m looking forward to next Monday which is a bank holiday in France. Although I’m stacked up with lessons, it still feels more relaxed; I don’t know why that is.

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