I wish it was me

Bit of light pop for you this Monday morning with Scouting for Girls and Elvis Ain’t Dead

I think there’s some Mondays that you just need a bit of enthusiasm!

Last week was bitterly cold and it doesn’t feel like summer is ever going to get here – there’s a North wind sitting up there just making everything arctic. The north of France even had snow! Still, I’m at that point in the year where I am just not making a fire. It’s May! That’s not to say I’m happy tolerating it though. Despite the mild winter, everything is a long way behind where it normally is – except for the crops, which are happily tolerating all the rain and the blue skies. I don’t think they care that it was only 2°C on Friday morning.

We’re in a 9-week build-up to the end of term, and it feels like such a lot has to happen before that block is finished. Next week is the refuge bric-a-brac, which I can only hope is as productive as the one I went to yesterday with Sarah. The first thing I saw was a kitchen sink. You can literally buy everything AND the kitchen sink at a French bric-a-brac. Well, not everything. The second thing I saw was a boy sporting a rat-tail hair cut. If I could have bought scissors I might have chopped that offensive lock off and sent it back to the 1980s. You can’t buy sharp scissors at a bric-a-brac, and that’s for sure. I picked up two rather kitsch F. Lolylle paintings (you know, the big-eyed 1970s waify-looking kids… I can’t be bothered to post a photo) for 2 euros and you can’t sniff at that. I’m looking for a kitschy theme for my kitschy cabin and I just thought I needed to stop messing about choosing… Sad-eyed kids is kind of weird for a teacher, but hey, it’s all for art’s sake. Anyway, next week I’ll be rooting through the goods on display at the refuge.

It’s also that time of year when parents and students decide that now is a really good time to book last minute revision, and last week I ended up with more requests for lessons than I can handle. It’s going to be a long nine weeks, let me tell you. I can’t believe there’s booksales and GCSE marking and gardening and decorating all to come in those 63 days.

For that reason, stuff is no doubt bound to be short and sweet these next few weeks, though I promise you I am beavering away as per. I think I’ll stack up on the coffee and get my head down as best I can! A bit hard when I’m in three cardigans and a hat, but worse things have happened. Anyway, enjoy your week and hopefully it will be warmer than mine!

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