Beyond the Sky

Bit later than my usual Monday offering, but here’s a real bit of soul for you with Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come

Sorry, Otis. You did a great version, but I prefer Sam’s.

I’m playing catch up following a weekend away for a friend’s birthday. She took us all to Bordeaux for the weekend – funny that it should remind me so much of Liverpool with all of its fine buildings and its sad history that meant so much abuse of so many people’s civil rights. Everything sure is connected, when you think about it.

Still, it was an amazing weekend and Bordeaux is a fabulous city. I’m at that point in my life where I’m a bit awe-struck around cities, despite having lived in them all of my life. Bordeaux feels big and bewildering, a labyrinth of buildings and people. I felt like the original country bumpkin. Going shopping was like visiting a load of old friends and catching up with them. I didn’t buy anything, feeling like the poor church mouse displaced to fine, civilised surroundings, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. It was mostly nice to see just so very many people and to spend a bit of quality time with my friends. It’s only about an hour and a half away from us here, but it certainly makes our nearest town seem very small and pokey, and very provincial. We even managed a Starbucks!

In fact, I would go as far as saying that the thought of Starbucks was what got Natasha and me out of bed on Sunday.


We even managed a few cocktails and I got my makeup out.


We weren’t in some 1980s tacky cocktail bar – our friend Sara got a bit trim-happy with the umbrellas and adornments.

I confess it did feel quite lush to spend a Saturday lunch having a meal with friends, followed by a bit of shopping and a hot chocolate at a pavement café. Still, you can take the country girls out of the country and put them in a fancy boutique hotel, but you can’t stop them giving weird gifts from charity shops.


I’m pretty sure this is how I looked, out on the town after six years without a blusher brush.


A bit out of place with the make-up bags and the city girls.

We had a great weekend and lots of giggles. I feel very lucky this Monday morning to have found such a great group of ladies to keep me entertained. We’re all as special as each other, it must be said.


So happy birthday Sarah and thank you for a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Thank you ladies for giving me a great laugh. Mostly thanks to the dogsitter who even managed to keep the fire going and didn’t complain once about the smells.

This week, I’m back to the train-train. Daily routines seem a bit more sparkly though. Standing in fields being shouted at by crazy people who are arguing about whether or not they can keep a dog in a cage on a chain is about as social as it’s likely to get.

Have a lovely Monday and I hope it’s blooming where you are. The cranes are flying north and the plums are bursting into bud here. Still, with an icy wind, the spring seems a long way away.



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