Living easy

It was the 36th anniversary of Bon Scott’s death on Friday, so here’s a little celebration of what an immense talent the guy was to start your Monday off with Highway to Hell. 

Yes, I’m still in an AC/DC vibe. I have no reason for it. Blame it a little on watching re-runs of Supernatural. As the saying goes, therein lies the problem. It’s a Stairway to Heaven, but a big old Highway to Hell. Wherever he is, I’m sure Bon Scott is enjoying it. They’re definitely a band who I came to love. I saw them at Donington back in the day, but I was there for Metallica and Motley Crue, not AC/DC. Truth be told, right now I could start every Monday with a bit of AC/DC.

Anyway, I gave in to the vibe and here it is. Don’t be surprised if it takes over for the next twenty Mondays or so.

It’s been a cold, yucky, miserable week. Tilly was back at the vet on Tuesday – she’s got ear problems that might mean surgery if the swelling in her ear doesn’t go down, but other than that she seems to be in okay health. She’s an old girl now. I’ve got a right house-full of stinky dog pensioners. Even Heston’s like “Meh… I’d rather nap.”

He and Tobby had a mild run-in over who owned the lake in the garden. Tobby really does think it’s his job to intervene and stop people having any fun. He’s like the fun police. The big sister you never asked for. “No. You are not having fun in that lake. Stop charging about.”

It’s been dry for the last week or so, but the river is still in full flow. It takes a while to subside again and for the water table to drop back down again. It’s been a two-hat kind of a week for most of it – far too cold and icy for a couple of days of dog walking, then bright blue skies by Friday. We went out for Chinese on Friday lunch with a few of the volunteers from the refuge. We’ve got it to a fine art of getting in, eating and getting out before going off to the refuge. No messing about on our watch.

I think the poor weather and general February misery has definitely contributed to the sense of general grumpiness I had last week. It was just one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right – expenses here, there and everywhere. I started a few art projects that just didn’t seem to work and no good photos, and then I started a new knitting project and the wool’s not right. I just feel generally nadgy and grumpy because it’s so grey and yuck.

So what am I loving in all this gloom?

♥ Early morning birdsong. It’s now getting light by 7am and the birds have started being the thing that wakes me up rather than the four or five cars in a row that constitute the morning rush hour.

♥ Knowing that we’re nearer to April than December.

♥ Bowls of porridge and golden syrup. And having to explain Golden Syrup to everyone else in the world who thinks the idea of a man-made sugar syrup is quite rank. In fact, I love it so much I’m making treacle tart for my French students this week.

♥ My new haircut. First time in three years.

♥ Scanning in old photos so I’ve got a digital copy and finding such treasures.


I think this explains why I love knee-socks, corduroy and polo-necks so much. I’m not sure if my sister still loves dungarees quite so much.


I loved this dress as well. You’ll notice I’m still wearing a polo neck. Here’s to polo necks. I was like a child version of Howard from The Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, have a good week and enjoy what remains of winter wherever you are. Here’s to longer days and spring flowers.

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