A sudden sense of liberty

Perhaps one of the weirdest music videos ever – one of Manchester’s finer bands, New Order with True Faith. 

I’m kind of hoping that’s the end of the wet spell here – the river Bellonne – a part-time kind of creature – is back and my garden is submerged.

wet garden


It’s not really a surprise at all given how wet it’s been.

It’s the school holidays this week – not so much of a holiday for me any more. I’ve got three clients who are off this week and I’m teaching almost a full timetable. Sadly, I’ve got about twenty errands to run and things to sort out, so it certainly won’t feel like much of a holiday. I’m back to being constantly at the vet’s. Tilly’s still no better and although she had some tests last week as well as antibiotics, she’ll be back in this week for more tests and more medicine. What she has really governs whether or not I can step up to foster two little spaniels who are absolutely overwhelmed at the refuge. I’m at that point where I realised that I’ve had only ten days without other animals here since the middle of last June and I need a break. I might feel differently by Friday, but being woken up at four am every morning for the last week has exhausted me and I’m afraid I’ve lost all my patience after being unable to spend even five minutes without having to intervene in fights, or listening to howling and barking for hours on end if I’ve separated Lucky from the others. Terriers are too tenacious for me and my old giffers. We’re such a bunch of old grumps.

As it is, I’m running a backlog of tasks and the rain and wind isn’t making it any easier. Last night, I swapped watching a film for catching up on jobs and to be honest, I’m glad I did. I prefer to start my Mondays with a little less on my plate and I’m feeling fragile this morning. I’m hoping I can clear the taskboard with the enforced indoor confinement. I feel grouchy and crabby and I’m in need of a week off. Luckily, next week (dogs willing) will be a little quieter and I should be able to do a little more.

So what have I found to love in the last week?

♥ My friends’ photos on Facebook of weddings, babies and kittens. What’s not to love about other people’s happiness? Another friend posted that she was sad about all the jealousy and meanness that such photos provoke, and how she felt unable to post nice things just to avoid pissing other people off. I think that’s sad too. Knowing my friends are happy is a marvellous joy for me, especially to see the photos from those friends who I know have faced trials and tribulations.

♥ All the lovely volunteers who come and join us every week at the refuge. Whether they be silly or serious, a bit tapped or a bit sentimental, it is so nice to be surrounded by so much kindness and love. I wish I could bottle what they’ve all got. And when I get a bit tired of dealing with people, they pick up the slack. How fab is that?

♥ The conseil and the staff at the refuge. You have no idea how much they all do, that’s all I can say, and if you did, you’d love them all with your whole hearts too.

♥ Old episodes of House. Hugh Laurie is a genius. Whether it be Blackadder or Jeeves and Wooster, I love everything he does. I shall be very sad when I’ve finished watching House. It’s been an epic, long three-month Netflix Marathon of a sort. It’s not really a marathon if you do it over three months is it?

Anyway, have a good Monday. May yours be as productive as I hope mine will be.


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