I’m a midnight animal

Lita Ford’s been helping me break the nasty AC/DC habit I’ve had for the last few weeks or so (there just isn’t better DIY music, I promise you) and here’s Lita looking lithe and lovely in Shot of Poison 

And who says the 80s contributed nothing to music??

It’s been a week filled with errands of one sort or another. Lots of comings and goings and droppings-off and pickings-up. Lucky my little visitor Jack Russell fella has been at the vets to have his male appendages off. He took a couple of days to settle in, and true to terrier form is persistent in only the way a terrier can be persistent. I know lots of dog trainers and dog enthusiasts who say you shouldn’t judge a breed by its stereotypical qualities, but of all the dogs I have here, the only ones who persistently keep trying to do something you don’t want them to do are terriers. Tenacious and stubborn should be their middle names. Like the terrier pups I had here during the summer, they think other dogs snarling at them is kind of meaningless. Doggie manners are something you have to teach to them rather than something they know instinctively. I’ll tell you something – it makes training Heston seem like it was the easiest thing in the world. I know he had his moments, and he still loves to bark at things, still goes mental at visitors and still finds it tough not to be distracted on walks, but he is generally very biddable. He learned his name in a day, learned to come in ten minutes and even though he sometimes gives me a bit of “Do I have to?” attitude if he’s outside and doesn’t want to come in, it’s nothing on a terrier. Lucky will happily bumble about the garden and has had seven happy days of clicker training to “come” without much by way of progress. Thing is, it’s just so vital that he does. A dog who runs away when you call them is not just a pain in the arse but a liability too. Thank God all of mine will do anything for a biscuit or I know them well enough to know when they’ll get selective deafness.

Poor Tilly has not been a well girl. She has a stubborn ear infection and we’ll be at the vet’s this week I think. She’s been sick and tummy troubles abound. For eleven, she’s older than many American cockers live to. I can’t imagine the house without her, but she’s definitely showing signs of her age.

365 366

I’ve even stuck to my photograph a day project – and the things I’ve learned about Photoshop! I’m really enjoying doing it and it does feel good to have found a little passion again. The problem with camera passions is that they’re so very expensive! Even second-hand equipment is expensive. Oh well. Keeps me motivated!

So what am I loving?

♥ Indignant Dog. Lucky is by far the most indignant dog I’ve ever met. His face of outrage at being prevented from doing whatever his little head’s telling him to do is properly comical. For a dog who was thrown out of a third-floor window, he’s certainly not bothered by people or at all scared of anything. The way he bobbles about the garden with his cone on is completely comical. God love him.

♥ Butternut squash and the woman who gave me a nasty, nasty squash habit. I will be sad when there are no more. From the sounds of it, that may be some time.

♥ All the lovely volunteers at the refuge. It’s fabulous that a few more people have become regular faces – especially since they are quite delightful. I got a bit snappy with another new-ish volunteer on Friday. She’d deliberately taken out a dog that had already been out and when I said, she said, “well, she’s my chouchou.” Chouchou or not, that cheated some other dogs out of a walk. I saw her right after in the pound petting puppies. And we wonder why dogs are picking up viruses and giardia left, right and centre. What I’m mostly in love with for the delightful volunteers is that they may very well have favourites, but they’d never cheat a dog out of a walk. There are sadly some volunteers who arrive like the big “I am” and think they can do as they please. They don’t last long, having absorbed a lot of energy. I do hate the Lady Bountiful types who grace us with their presence and feel we should be blessed that we have their company. Give me the ‘come in, get on with it, don’t stop till it’s dark’ volunteers. And I love the people who come to walk the big, shouty dogs and who never forget those dogs who are having a hard time.

♥ People who are kind and have big hearts.

Not loving the gale-force winds this morning and the rain we’ve been having. Last week the Tardoire had burst its banks already in several places and with the water table so high, it won’t take much for me to end up with a river in the garden as well.

Have a great Monday and stay dry!




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