Everything’s gonna be real fine

I’m trying to have a break from the real AC/DC thing I’ve got in my blood at the moment, so I spent yesterday with a huge Ramones playlist. Here’s one of my favourites for you,  Swallow My Pride. 

Last week was a busy one but I’m back to normal levels of occupation this week. I’ve swapped kittie-sitting for doggie-sitting and Mr Shouty Man a.k.a. Lucky is staying with me for a couple of weeks (as long as Tobby doesn’t go all obsessive again!) and as long as he isn’t tempted to be Mr Shouty Man during my skype classes! Otherwise, he might be sleeping in the cabin during class. To be fair in this instance, my dogs are back to their usuals around puppies – i.e. all of them except for Heston are wondering how long til everything is quiet again and Heston is having a whole load of fun. That’s fine but when it’s peeing down with rain, it’s not so easy to kick them out into the garden. I’m on my third mop and bucket today already. Why are terriers just so tenacious? I’m pretty sure I’d be a terrier if I were a dog. I think people who train terriers deserve a special kind of medal.

Mind you, the last little kitty to go was all shouty as well. His siblings went last Tuesday and he was not happy to be left alone, not one bit. It’s times like that when having dogs and kittens is not a good combination. I’m still not sure I could trust two of my dogs around small creatures, even if I’m supervising directly. Tilly and Heston don’t care less. All Tilly cares about is food.

I’m well into my first month of my photography project. I may be a couple of days behind (I got a late start) but I’m catching up. I can’t believe it’s February already. Just where did January go??!

10 1126

I’ve been taking a break from my usual Sunday painting… swapped it for a heavy spring clean and dusting session. I’m at that point in the year where I’m tired of lighting fires and missing thermostats and timers.

Usually, at the beginning of each month, I look back over all the years’ blog posts for that month and see what I was up to. Sometimes, there are big changes – certainly no big icicles like 2012, that’s for sure! February’s usually the month when things start to put on a burst of growth, but also the month that everything floods. Given the persistent rain on Saturday night, it wouldn’t surprise me if we were in for flooding.

So what am I mostly loving?

♥ Finding treasures from the past when I’m spring cleaning… they might bring tears as well as smiles, but there are plenty of good memories to discover.

♥ Remembering all the great times I had as a teenager with friends that I’m very happy still to know in 2016. I’m mostly loving that things have worked out so well for so many. Nothing is nicer than knowing that.

♥ Long chats with friends who can always raise a smile no matter what the tragedy.

♥ Breaks in the rain clouds.

♥ Peace.

Have a lovely Monday.

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