Open up your eyes

A bit of soul to start a Monday… and a bit of Everlasting Love… Don’t we all need a bit of that?

Yes, I’ve had this song as my Much Love Monday song before, but I don’t care. I can listen to it forever. The U2 version is my favourite, if only because of what it means to me, but this one is just as good.

My snowdrops are already starting to appear in patches – which is a little earlier than last year I think. It’s been a mild winter – milder even than last year I think. You just never know which way the year is going to go.

In 2015, it looked like this:


And 2014








And I can’t go back any further than that!

This year it’s been easy on the frosts and heavy on the amazing sunrises



I’ve picked up some onions this week to plant – I think this year will be the year I bring the polytunnel back to life. I was trying so hard to get the convolvulus under control, but it’s a lot better than it was. I love my polytunnel. All-weather gardening. I’ve been pollarding a few of my bigger hazels – one of them is entirely spectacular this year and I can only think that this was because I pollarded it three or four years ago. It’s always been pretty spectacular though. The tomato seeds have already been through the propagator and sprouted. Aubergines in this week, I think.

The week is bound to be a busy one with lots of errands to run. I have three kitties needing vaccinations and hopefully being rehomed by the end of the week. It’s harder having the kittens in the house – they’re in the spare bedroom as it’s too cold for them to be in my usual kitten rooms – but of course, they are either up to mischief or having to be kept in the crate. These are by far the healthiest and happiest kitties I’ve had in a long time. Wednesday is going to be the killer – leave the house at 9.15 and not a break right the way through until 10pm. I’m not relishing walking the dogs at 8am, let me tell you!

Hopefully the weird atmosphere that has been dominating life of late will lift as well. It feels like there’s a universal grump at work. Everybody is crabby.

So what am I loving this week?

♥ frosty mornings

♥ photoshop tutorials (I’ve been spending every spare minute on Coursera, Udemy and Youtube watching photoshop tutorials – it’s a bit obsessive)

♥ propagators

♥ snowdrops

♥ aubergine curries

♥ Good books (and not loving the lame ones I’ve been working through of recent times)

♥ those friends who always, always make you smile and are mad as a box of frogs but cool as ice

♥ hot Vimto. None of your cherry Vimto rubbish. None of your fizzy Vimto nonsense. Hot Vimto, the delight of northerners. Did you know Vimto was invented in Manchester? That’s another of Manchester’s contributions to the world. No need to say thanks. That’s just what we do. Someone once tried to give me Ribena instead. It wasn’t the same and, frankly, I was quite insulted that they thought so.

♥ Full moons. Last night, we even had a moon-rise

Have a very lovely Monday. I’m out early doors four mornings this week. I’ll be glad when the week is over and I can start my days in a more leisurely way again. The dogs will too. Heston’s always itching for a walk first thing.




1 thought on “Open up your eyes

  1. pollarding. i had to look that up. we don’t do much of that in the us. now i know what to call it. i didn’t know why it was done, when i would see one. i grew up around flowers and trimmed some like you do your trees. for the same reasons. it’s a good day when i learn a new word. thank you.

    ice cream. raz

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