Fighting on the dance floor

A bit of political Mondayness for you. Here’s The Specials with Ghost Town. 

Seems only fair since I had Bananarama a couple of weeks ago. Ironically, it feels a little like France and a lot like La Rochefoucauld, my local town. I walked past the bookshop the other day and it was closed up. I don’t know how I’ll cope if they take the wool shop away.

To be fair, it’s a great little town and the high street shops are fabulous. We have three or four shoe shops (on account of the fact that the town is known for making slippers) as well as a few antique shops (on account of it’s high tourist chic to shop in La Rochefoucauld. There are several estate agents (including one that closed its doors last year) and banks, but the rest are interesting shops that sell the kind of things you really want to buy. I bet there can’t be more than 100 shops in the town, but there is a haberdashery AND a wool shop, and a shop that sells nothing but stuff to kill other stuff. Those kind of shops are hard to find.

Anyway, what am I loving this week?

♥  The Specials. I’m up to A Message To You, Rudy and I don’t think I’m going to get off the Specials vibe this morning.

♥ The fact that March is only weeks away and I have the shoots of snowdrops appearing. That’s wishing my winter away, I know, but I’m wet enough now.

♥ House MD. I’m watching them all from the beginning again and I had forgotten just how good that series is, even if every single one is practically the same. Hugh Laurie is a comedy God.

♥ All the support for a dog called Arnold. This old dude was the subject of a seizure and came to the refuge practically unable to walk after years on a short rope. 48 hours after his trial adoption and he’d lost the ability to walk. A 2000€ estimate later and he’s waiting in Bordeaux Vet Hospital for treatment. To see so many people help out and donate is just wonderful. It hurts more for me because he reminds me so much of Ralf. He makes the same noises. He is, truth be told, a better kisser than Ralf, but he doesn’t say his own name. Ralf always managed a big old RAAAAAWWWWWWFFFF. I guess Arnold is a bit harder to say though.

♥ My new 50mm f1.4 lens. It is simply amazing. There aren’t words for how much I love it.


♥ The Tobbymory. It was his 9 month anniversary yesterday. He’s been a bit off his food – not sure why. He enjoyed his anniversary sausage buttie yesterday though. I can’t believe he’s been with me a whole nine months. Every day is a gift when you’re his age.

♥ Kittienesses. I picked up three on Friday night. That’s a full six days that I didn’t have any. I missed them. These ones are long legged and scrawny scaredies, but older than the others I’ve had.


I’ve started a Photo365 project with a photo a day. I’m enjoying it very much so far. I might never take this 50mm lens off my camera though.

Have a lovely week and may your Monday be void of idiocy.

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