Checking out a new sensation

To go from Simon and Garfunkel to 80s glam metal is a bit of a leap, but hey ho. Here’s 80s cheesy rockers Enuff Z’Nuff with “New Thing” which seemed kind of appropriate for the new year

Last night was the first night in ages that I spent with only five heads under the roof. In truth, I’ve turned into a bit of an obsessive head-counter not unlike Tobby, and I got up four or five times to check on kittens without remembering that I didn’t have to. Most of the day it persisted down, Manchester-style. I hate these weeks, where there is nothing to be done but staying inside clearing up mud. I guess it is a necessary fact of life though. So what am I mostly loving this fine first new Monday of the year?

♥ The peace and quiet after a busy time and the fact that four dogs seems like none at all, especially when they’re all asleep in front of a fire.

♥ Rainy days which force you to go inside and do indoors stuff.

♥ Knowing all the kitties are safe and well and that they’ve found good homes.

♥ New lenses.


♥ Willing photographic assistants.

♥ Picmonkey – lovely for quick and dirty processing and no mucking about like Photoshop.

♥ Me for having the foresight in 2006 to get funky with Adobe Fireworks.

♥ Mums and Dads and families and stuff.

♥ My new pink hat from my sister for my birthday. It might not be Kangol and pink and fluffy, but to be honest, it looks less like a foreskin, less like Nana Moon and more like an appropriate winter hat.

♥ Friends who turn up with bottles of Vimto and boxes of teabags.

♥ Peaceful Sundays where there is work to be done but nothing so pressing it can’t wait til Monday… hopefully not the last Sunday I’ll have like this until next Christmas!

♥ Looking through my old photo albums and seeing shots that are great photographs, and reading books about analogue photography, remembering how I never thought digital photography could ever do what we did. I miss you XP2 and HP5, Superia and Neopan. I miss you gold toner and lith printing. I miss you darkroom and dryer racks. I don’t miss getting dust on the negs when processing, I don’t miss fastidious cleaning of enlargers. I don’t miss the wait for development. I miss those days where you spent all evening developing one image and getting it just right. Funny to think that when I went to Morocco in 2009, I was still happily shooting film, and the black and whites I got there are some of the best photos I ever took. 72 photos and every single one was epic.


You didn’t waste film in those days.



Nobody cared about grain, and my aim was huge, big globules of grainy, grainy super-photographic murk. Grain and contrast and nobody cared. The slide-lovers won in the end, with their ISO50 and 100 and tripods, I guess. Now if you post a grainy image on the internet, everyone thinks you’re an amateur, rather than an artist making a choice.


I’m glad I got to be in both worlds.

Anyway, have a very lovely Monday and hopefully I won’t have floated away in the rains during the week. You may get lucky and there may very well be another photography project coming up. It seems rude not to. It may or may not involve dogs. If it does, they won’t be purposeful dogs, just accidental ones.

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