Every step of the way

I’m not really in the Christmas mood yet despite all the Christmas music, so I’m having a bit of an 80s-throwback kind of a morning instead. Here’s Bananarama with he was really saying something

I think Bananarama held loads of records for the most chart entries for any female band, which is kind of weird when you think of how many all-girl bands there have been since the 80s. I’m not surprised though. My Monday Love is obviously en retard and I don’t even have a good explanation except for the fact I usually plan it on a Sunday evening and this Sunday I was still in Angoulême at 7.30 finishing a pet food drive at a local garden centre.

I’m looking forward to a few days where I have a bit of a change of direction, and a bit of time to recharge my batteries. That September-December term is a long one. We’ve had amazing weather recently, with warm afternoons and beautiful skies – nothing that feels like winter yet. I know it will come.


I just wrote a paragraph here that has disappeared and I’m taking it as a sign to be sparse with my words and get on with the day instead of pontificating. The essence of the paragraph was ‘no more time-sucky people or people pleasing and more time spent on the lovelies who shared my birthday lunch with me’. That was efficient.

Right, time to take the dogs out for a walk, pick up my shopping for the next couple of weeks and make sure I have everything I need for an end-of-year hibernation.

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