Freaked out for another day

I’m in a Stooges groove, so here’s No Fun for you.

Iggy rocks.

I’m kind of hoping that now I’ve finished my big workloads that I’ll be able to have a bit of fun myself. Not that I have anything planned other than all the stuff I’ve not done for the last three weeks. It’s just nice to be able to catch up a little.

Believe it or not, I’ve spent the last couple of days on the phone or sorting out things that are really not my responsibility but I kind of felt obliged to do. I’m a slow learner. I won’t be doing them any more, suffice to say. It is true to say that there are some people in life who always take as much from you as they can and don’t give a stuff if you’re lying awake at 4am trying to solve their problem for them.

I wasn’t just awake worrying about other people’s problems, it must be said. The two little kitties I have in foster at the moment are very sickly and sore. For four weeks old, they’re developmentally backward and they’re not well little things, crying constantly. They were kind of healthy when they arrived, and apart from being massively greedy, they cried all the time. Now they just cry. I’ve only lost one out of all the youngsters I’ve bottle-fed this year – and these are older than that kitten was. It’s still sad though. The washing machine has been on constantly to keep up with changes of towels.

Today saw the launch of the new refuge Advent calendar (it’s an online thing to encourage people to share our most vulnerable dogs – the old ones, and the ones who’ve been waiting a long time for a home)


It does feel good knowing that 30 of the 32 from last year have found a home. They were some serious adoptions with the potential to go very wrong. Most of the dogs had been here for more than five years. Now, there are only three that have that dubious honour: Salma, Douggy and Darius. We’ve managed to keep the oldies very much out of the refuge this year – there are so few oldies now and they do go quickly.

The two who didn’t make it are Drack, who died earlier in the year (and precisely why I promote the oldies) and Noah, who had a very good home and then bit his new owner. It’s a shame. Noah is a great dog. He’s not a smart dog, but he is a great dog. I call him “Gormless” because … well, he’s a bit simple. You’d have to be, to bite your new owners when they were offering you a great home.

Anyhow, I managed to accomplish two or three things today that had been forgotten in the depths of my to-do list pile (endless post-it notes piled on top of each other, generally in reverse chronological order) Tomorrow is back-to-back lessons once more – I’m just hoping I get a better night’s sleep tonight! What is it they say? Sleep is overrated?

I’m hoping by next Monday that normal services will have been completely restored.

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