World Gone Crazy

What better way to start a Monday than with a bit of Iggy Pop? This is Real Wild Child

This was my Iggy Pop Gateway track. I think it came out when I was thirteen or so and it took me off down a bit of a Stooges trail for a month or so. It’s funny how tunes like this can send you off down a little path. I picked up a copy of The Stooges from a record stall in a Manchester flea market back in about 1986 or 87 and it led me down a little trail where I discovered John Cale and then the Velvet Underground. I love The Idiot. I always thought he and David Bowie had a similar kind of sound. And I loooooove David Bowie. I think I might have to dedicate my afternoon to a bit of Bowie. It’s been a while.

Anyway, it’s back to full-strength teaching this week. I finally finished the refuge calendar and hopefully there are no mistakes or errors in it. I’ve had another few publicity campaigns to finish off and we had so many new arrivals at the refuge this last three weeks that I’m way behind with my photos. I managed to catch up a bit last week and my “working on” folder seems to have diminished to sets of photos of dogs for the calendar that I want to finish off because there were some really nice photos in there that it’s a shame not to share even though they didn’t make the calendar in the end.

cat laughter

The cat laughter ones are my favourites. I loved taking the photos of the cats – there’s another volunteer who takes the photos of the cats and she does an amazing job. This is Ben. He’s just gorgeous. He’s Mr August.

Plus, I got a little time to spend on taking some of my own. I hardly ever take photos of my own these days.


Last week I managed to finish off the epic socks I’ve been knitting. They are an absolute work of art.


I’ve just started a pair of normal boot socks – seems kind of thoughtless compared to these. After that, I’m going to put my knitting needles to one side and do a bit of crochet, with my newly-acquired crochet skills.

I didn’t do anything yesterday other than gardening – it’s that time of year where you’re never sure just whether it’ll turn everything to mud. It seems that it’s always early November that the river returns and everything will be sodden. Seems like it’s been a very dry autumn so far. Yesterday it was a delightful 23°C and it was a sin to do anything other than enjoy it. It was Toussaint (All Saints’ Day) yesterday, so there were lots of people out in the forest enjoying the weather and a day off.

58 59 60

As for this week, it’s back to full steam ahead. The November exams are starting this week so I’ll be marking for most of November. It’s also National Novel Writing Month so I’m writing a sequel to Finding Shelter. Because I don’t have enough else to do.

The month also has our Dames de FER Christmas market (22nd November) which should be a lovely day out. Then it’s Noël des Animaux at the refuge the weekend after, which is a good excuse to try and find as many dogs and cats a home as week. That leaves me a weekend or two in between. It’s going to be packed month!

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