Dreaming til the sun goes down

It may well be that summer is long since gone, but The Stone Roses first album never fails to bring me memories of summer, so here’s Elephant Stone to bring a little John Squires’ loveliness to your day.

Nobody can fail to have a mood improvement with a bit of Manchester’s jangliest of guitars. One of those bands that were good for an album, that provided a soundtrack to the end of the 80, but never came to anything after that. I watched a documentary recently about the rise and fall of the Stone Roses. Didn’t realise what a prize piece of work their manager was, or that he ran the International and the International II. We saw some brilliant bands there in the tail-end of the 80s. I’m pretty sure that’s where I first saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I’d have to get the ticket out to tell you which club it was. Though it was kind of enjoyable to watch the documentary, as Mani (the bassist) and Shaun Ryder were on good form, it’s sad to know that such an amazing band never really got the chance they deserved. My favourite Mani quote, by the way, is “you can’t ride two bikes with one arse.” The man is a Mancunian Wordsmith of the highest calibre. He reminds me of many of the guys I grew up with.

It did get me wondering though, watching that documentary, whatever happened to my bucket hat? I had one. I was wearing it on a photo in Brazil in 2003. I had it in Cuba in 2004. After that, it went missing. It’s in my archives of ‘Hats I have loved and lost’.


I don’t know where this hat went to. I miss it as well.

The other is my pink kangol hat. I know what happened to that. Heston happened to that.


It is of course hat season, which is making me miss these all the more.

I feel like I might stay in a Stone Roses kind of space all day today.

Finally… finally! I’ve got a bit of a quieter week. Many of my students in France are on holiday and I can begin to sort out the work carnage and backlog. I daren’t even show you what my to do list looks like. I wanted to spend yesterday on another craft project, but I needed to get a big project out of the way – the refuge calendar. It’s finally, bar edits and amendments, been put to bed. I have to say I absolutely loved taking all the photographs. I got to visit lots of our adopted woofers and see them in their new homes – and nothing makes me happier than knowing there are happy endings. One of our refuge long-termers, Darius, was adopted at the weekend as well. He reminds me so much of Heston. One of the volunteers, Brigitte, and I were talking about the dogs that circle excitedly in their enclosures. Darius is one of those.

“I’m sure they’ll be calmer out of the refuge,” she said. Yeah, right. Heston has at least one walk a day and he always circles at the gate like a crazy madman.

I did go on my crochet holiday (three hours of a crochet lesson – the best holiday I’ve got going on this year) and it was most marvellous. I’m not sure as I can go as far as saying that I can now crochet, but I’ve done a granny square. Photos to follow. Needless to say, the lady running the course had her work cut out with me, being such a determined knitter with so few coordination skills to speak of, but she managed to get me from ‘tight worm’ to granny square. I’m now officially in love with crochet. Anything where casting off is more ‘Allez, hup’ than Kitchener stitch is good with me. I sense a Christmas of crochet.

Last week also saw the (swift!) adoption of all seven kittens I’ve been harbouring for the last week. I confess, I’ve become a bit of a kitten-fostering fiend. My last two go to their new home this afternoon, but I’m very glad that I will see one of them more regularly – my little Billy No Mates, who had no home of his own, has now found a family with my friend Sylv. She said she’d fallen for my “if you can, you should” line of thought. Obviously, even though she has met all my dogs, she doesn’t quite realise what kind of trouble that line can get you in to.


He’s a bit special and a bit boss-eyed, but he’s my favourite. He was the only one I could tell apart out of the seven. They were all practically identical.

Anyway, not sure if I’ll be picking more up this afternoon or waiting until the next arrivals, but I shall miss having seven identical little faces looking at me.

This week I shall be mostly trying to blast through my to-do list of stuff I said I’d do for people. Clocks have gone back, winter is coming and I’ve got hats to knit. I wonder if I can crochet myself a Reni hat? I bet I can. Just not in corduroy.

Have a lovely Monday and enjoy the rest of your week. May it be as upbeat as the Stone Roses.

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