The Dance Is Through

Another Monday, another hair metal tune from my youth. Here’s the fabulous Vixen with Edge Of A Broken Heart

I’d laugh, but if you didn’t look like this in 1989 – boy or girl – then you probably weren’t my friend. I very much like the disembodied hand coming across the screen from time to time. We didn’t have MTV in my house when I was a teenager, so although there were videos to many of the epic tunes of my growing-up years, I’ve often only discovered them as an adult, way after the time they were cool. Still, if this doesn’t show you that girls can wear stilettos and play the drums like Madame Roxy Petrucci, nothing does. The women in Vixen were my style icons, along with Strawberry Switchblade and Lita Ford. If you didn’t look like you’d gone ten rounds with some rick-rack and sequins, a pair of scissors and some lace embellishments in a haberdashery, you just weren’t cool.  Not only were the Vixen ladies uber-cool in a girl-crush kind of way, they also had cooler names than me. Roxy Petrucci and Pia Maiocco were a long way from Vera Duckworth and Gayle Platt. Pia Maiocco is still married to Steve Vai. When I was a youngster, that was like my Kanye/Kim celebrity marriage of choice. Happy Days.

I’m a bit late with the old Monday inspiration today – been a busy weekend. I got so many photographs this weekend that it took me an hour to delete all the ones I didn’t want. I got 32GB of photos yesterday alone and went through two batteries. That’s some heavy duty photography. Still, it was well worth it for the lovely photos. Not only have I got plenty for the calendar, but I have some sweet ‘didn’t quite make it’ shots for the website.


How cute is the little Austin?

There was quite a bit of cat photobombing over the weekend though

cat photobomb

Nobody said it would be easy.

This week is a brief hiatus (and A LOT of post-processing) before the Hope booksale at the weekend. The new banner arrived for the refuge publicity and I’m made up with it. It looks fabulous. I can’t wait to show you the photos of that as well.

I’ve put the montage together for the calendar, so it should just be a matter of dragging and dropping in the images and changing a few details here and there. She says. Nothing is ever that easy is it?

The Open Doors weekend was really successful. Several dogs went on adoption contracts, as well as some cats and kittens. My lovely Pongo was adopted this weekend, along with lots of the littlies and some of the older dogs. I love seeing young people adopting the older dogs – it really does remind you that there is a lot of good in the world. Of course, it doesn’t make up for the sad fact that many of the dogs who have arrived here have come as a result of misfortune or cruelty or death, but it does put a stop to the sadness. Next weekend is even more full-on. I’m preparing my throat for all the chatting. At least I can take a step back into autumn – I spent so long doing Christmas adverts last week that I’d practically forgotten what season it was. Between the Hawaiian garlands, the beach scenes and the snow scenes on the photos, I’m quite out of sorts.

The cold weather is setting in and I don’t think it’ll be long before the fire is lit. Been 5°C a couple of mornings last week when I was taking the dogs out. Tobby took himself off for a wander on Saturday afternoon. Not sure where he squeezed out but for a dog with arthritis, he can sure get in some small spaces. It’s been exactly six months since he arrived here and what a darling he is.

Right… I better get the dogs out and get on with a bit of work!

Have a fabulous Monday!

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