You can’t start a fire without a spark

Kind of apt, since it’s wood-time round here. Winter is definitely coming.

If you’re needing a musical boost this morning, here’s the Boss with Dancing In The Dark

I love Bruce with a love that is quite unequalled. Sometimes, a band will come along and will stick their hands into your stomach and give it a twist when they play, but those bands are few and far between, and most of them don’t stick around. Can you believe that this track is thirty years old? I still love it as much as I ever did, and every album of Bruce Springsteen’s is as good as the last. I just wish his dancing was a little less like Carlton’s on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Or that Carlton’s was a little less ‘Bruce’. Still, you’ve got to hand it to the guy. Ten years after Born To Run, he gave us Born in the USA and ten years after that, he gave us Human Touch. Another fifteen years on and he gave us Magic. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Stones and I love The Who, but they’re not still making great albums thirty-five or forty years after their peak. He is the definitive workhorse of rock.

Love the Brooooce. I love his Dad’s Army of the E-Street Band as well, who always looked like the oddest assortment of Dads-What-Still-Does-Rock. Nobody looks more like a group of dads who still get together on Tuesdays for band practice.

I could listen to Bruce all day.

I would, but there are garden jobs to be done. It’s that point in the year where it’s a mad dash to get everything sorted before the winter sets in. Seeing as it’s Tobby’s only exercise, I’ve been spending a bit more time outdoors enjoying it with him. Walks are beyond him (although you wouldn’t think so if you saw him galloping about as if he didn’t have arthritis at all… silly fool) I figure a bit of time in the garden does him no harm at all and he really enjoys it.

Though the mornings have been cold – it’s been five degrees here a couple of mornings – the days are still nice enough to enjoy being outside.

autumn collage

Everything is kind of over now. The dahlias are doing their last firework displays. The apples and grapes are all but over. A lot of my flowers have got a second wind and the achillea and rudbeckia have come back into flower. Today it’s another attempt to hack back the giant border bushes around the property. Four hundred metres of border to hack at, mostly involving hidden brambles, which is always fun.

This week, I’m trying to get the refuge calendar sorted out. The kitties have been fairly willing so far, but I’ve got another eleven months to sort out. It’s the refuge open weekend later this week and I’ll be praying for good weather so I can get the rest done. We had thunder and downpours instead of a photo session on Saturday.


Getting kitties to sit still for a shoot is always fun. Either that or they fall asleep on the job. This little lot will hopefully be having vaccinations and chips in the next couple of weeks so that we can start finding homes for them. I was very glad my little Dodger found a home – there’s always one you fall for, and he was it. This lot are cute but they didn’t need bottle feeding, so you don’t get that same bond with them. They’re just like noisy lodgers.

Yesterday, I did my last crafty Sunday for a while. I was actually putting the finishing touches to a project I started a couple of years ago. IMG_0195

I’ve had this fabric for two years! I’d embroidered some stuff on but the denim was really thick and I didn’t think it would work well with double denim. I’ve sewn some other fabric on the back, but it kind of made the denim a bit redundant. Hey ho. You live and learn. Still, I sewed the backs on, poked them all right side through and then stuffed them. I got as far as stitching them up as well!

Next week’s crafty Sunday will be taken up by the refuge open weekend, and then the week after it’s the Hope Booksale, so the sewing machine is away for the next few weeks. Hopefully I’ll find my mojo again rather than forgetting about stuff for a couple of years again.

Anyway, time I got a move on. Enjoy Bruce and enjoy your Monday.



1 thought on “You can’t start a fire without a spark

  1. hey. are the calendars for sale? what a question? i live in the wild west. i would be glad to pay extra shipping to have one. thank you.

    the wild west being po box 277, fulton, indiana 46931-0277.

    ice cream. raz

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