Drug store lovin’

What better way to start a Monday than with a bit of Otis? I love this tune. It’s a complete feelgood track. Your Monday won’t get better than Otis.

It was a busy one last week, and busy this week too. Last week was nothing but vet visits. I’m sure people will start talking about me and the vet. Our local vet has been off work for a while and her replacement is a rather chatty type. Well, if I wasn’t having eyes checked out and kittens vaccinated, holding dogs in queues at the refuge and having Tobby’s back end checked out, I was bumping in to him in supermarkets. He’s about twelve, bless him. I know I’m getting old when vets look young. He seriously must think I have about five hundred dogs. Even the vet’s secretary looks at me now and says, “Do I bill the refuge or 30 Millions d’Amis?”

Still, sitting around in vets’ surgeries at least beat the weather. It feels more like the end of October at the moment rather than the middle of September (okay, middle and a bit). Yesterday was nicer, but it’s been very autumnal. I’m blaming that for my sudden interest in pensioner pastimes like making soup and getting my craft on. I don’t know why I say pensioner pastimes. The craft world is very much in vogue. Well, it always has been with me.

I’ve been trying to use up all the stuff I’ve got hanging around the house, paint and fabric-wise, as well as spending a little time doing stuff I like, rather than being at everyone else’s beck and call. I’ve been spending my Sunday afternoons doing stuff, if I’m free from other obligations. A couple of weeks ago, I used up some paint remnants and painted a console table a lively shade of green.



I think it looks quite splendid. Nothing like a bit of colour to make you feel more vibrant. Plus, now it’s nice and pretty, it’ll stop me treating it as a dumping ground for things that have been in my handbag too long.


Yesterday, my Sunday afternoon project was to make some tab-top curtains for the kitchen. I actually bought the fabric in 2010 before I moved to France. Not quite sure why I’ve been waiting so long, but I’ve long since used the lining fabric for other things, so they won’t be finished til next Sunday. Best laid plans and all that. Still, it beats spending the day online. I’ve been switching off the laptop from noon until evening and it’s amazing how productive I can be.



I’m now also through the main bit of my sock. They’ve been epic, these socks. Knee-length, seven colours, complex patterns, but they are totally amazing. I shall be very glad when they are finished, and no mistake. No way on earth I’ll be able to go to the fabric shop to pick up lining fabric and not peruse the wool on sale for my next project, whatever that might be. I daren’t look on Ravelry yet; it’s a bit like cheating on your boyfriend to move on to your next project before you’ve properly finished the last.


This week is a week of meetings, meetings and meetings. I really thought I might get a breather after the foire, but no. It is not to be. Maybe next week will be a little quieter. It did get to the point in the week where I was eating tinned stuff as I’d not had a minute to go to the supermarket. Amazing what you can make with an onion, a potato, a can of tomatoes, a can of chickpeas and some spices.

My little Coco was adopted last week. I’d taken Dodger with me because I kind of hoped I could find him a friend. I thought he might be a bit lonely in the laundry by himself. It’s no life for a kitten. I’m not sure I’d trust at least two of my dogs with a cat. Anyhow, I ended up leaving him at the refuge as someone brought in a box of seven tiny kittens. They’d been sealed in a cardboard box and thrown in the bin. A quarantine was needed so I took three. These ones are real hooligans. They’re the Shameless family of cats. I miss my little Dodger. In truth, I have been tormenting myself over him. I hope he is adopted soon otherwise I fear I’ll be trying to come to some solution about how to keep him in a foster until he can be adopted. He is just beautiful. He’s just your average-looking moggy, but he is so gentle and so loving. The new little lot just bomb around like maniacs and hang off my legs like insects.

Today is a meeting about a Christmas foire (ah yes, it’s that time already) and then hopefully back in the garden. I got in a good couple of hours yesterday, trying to tidy up the latest bramble patch and getting distracted by how beautiful everything is


It’s apple season and grape season. Mostly that involves me picking stuff so that Wobbly, Greedy and Needy don’t eat them. There’s been some wind in this house, let me tell you.


Apples I don’t mind so much but I do wish Tobby wouldn’t leave the stalks dotted around the house. It makes a change, him carrying fruit around instead of a toy. He had used it as an opportunity to secrete all his toys and bones in my bed on Saturday when I was out for the best part of the day. He obviously feels like nesting too!

Have a wonderful Monday. Hope you enjoyed Otis.

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