Sleepless Nights

I’m a bit late. I guess you’ll forgive me. I’ve had foires to organise, don’t you know?

Here’s your late-night Monday blast with Buzzcocks and What do I get? You’ve got to love a bit of Manc Punk when you’re feeling in need of a burst of energy. It’s a musical kick up the proverbial.

We Brits might have bad teeth but we do make good music. Maybe the two things are connected?

Last week was just a frantic burst of fair-ness. It’s amazing how many things you remember at the last minute even when you have lists that you thought were completely exhaustive. Luckily, I had the wonderful Ju and Su of JuSu wooden stuff to chivvy me along and help me with boggles and putting up marquees and decide where people have to go and who has to go next to whom. You wouldn’t believe the requests you get. Julie taught me a great phrase about “the moon on a stick” and that pretty much sums it up. Everybody who is anybody wanted to go next to Ruth of Crochez Moi. I don’t know why. We had four requests to go next to Ruth. Every time I saw her, she was crocheting stuff so I don’t know why she was just quite so popular, despite being very lovely indeed. Put me next to the cake lady. She’s also very nice indeed. Plus she has cakes and samples. All friends are good friends until they come with cake samples.

Although the heavens opened until 9am and everyone was wondering whether it’d be a complete wash-out, people-wise, it was just lovely to spend time with so many great people (and eat their cakes).

dames foire 2

I think you’ll agree, it’s a talented bunch of marketeers. Truthfully, I walked around a couple of markets recently, trying to encourage more market stalls to come, and I walked past so many thinking “I know some people who do better stuff than that”, or “that’s not very good quality”. I also got at least half of my Christmas presents sorted, and picked up some great value plants. I’ve fallen well-and-truly in love with gaura this year and so I’ve picked up a few to plant for next year.

Anyway, I have finally – finally! – booked myself onto a crochet course with Ruth. If anyone can turn my knitting fervour into crochet fervour, she is the woman. I like the versatility of crochet and you can do cute stuff. I like knitting, but crochet is just another thing I want to be able to do. Who’d have thought, a couple of years ago, that I’d be able to knit a Christmas bauble on 5 double-pointed needles with four colour changes and a Skandi pattern? Not Sylvie, that’s for sure, given how hard it was to even cast on that very first bauble. Doing 31 of the little bleeders last Christmas kind of took all the challenge out of it. As for my socks, I’ve finally finished sock number 1 and I’m on to sock number 2. They are just awesome. Seven different colours, lord knows how many changes and pattern combos. If you can knit a pair of Arne and Carlos Christmas socks, crochet should be no challenge at all – yet I find it strangely difficult. I managed to find one day where the schools are on holidays and I have a free afternoon, late in October. I am so giddy about it that I can barely speak.


As for this week, I shall mostly be at the vet’s. Not my dogs, I hasten to add. I’ve got various holding-downs and eye-cleanings and vaccinations to attend, which will be lots of fun. Little Coco the grey kittie is hopefully off to her new home tomorrow afternoon. I knew she would find a home easily. What a shame so many people are kitten racists and colour matters. I’ve had tabbies and whites, gingers and black cats, and they’ve all been very cattish. Dodger has the misfortune of being tabby and white, which means he’s second-to-bottom in the colour attractiveness charts. I bet you never thought there was such a thing as a kitten-colour-attractiveness chart, but there is. Pedigree cats are at the top with their creams and Siamese point. Greys are up there as well. Gingers are popular too. Tortoiseshell, tabby and black bring up the rear. If you ask me, Dodger is a much lovelier kitten as he’s super-affectionate and very purry, but he’s just not quite pretty enough. Plus, he’s a boy. Poor Dodger. He might be all alone by tomorrow evening.


Coco is pretty though. And she knows it.


Nothing Dodger can do is as appealing. Poor boy. I love him.

I’m hoping that he’s gone before the next lot are old enough for vaccinations – my attic room is also serving as a cattery as well. Kittens have been coming out of my ears, quite literally. Still, it means that the kitties are clean and disease-free until their vaccinations, and they stand a better chance of living. Last year, so many kittens at the refuge spent their first few weeks being nursed through cat flu. Far too many didn’t make it. I’m glad these two are fat and healthy.

Apart from that, I’ll be braving the weather to try and make sure the garden is sufficiently under control before next spring; I’ve got a new ‘hot’ flower bed on the make, and I’m starting to prepare a huge new bed for next summer. I do love planting things – there is no therapy quite like it.

Have a fabulous week people and I hope you get a little green therapy if that floats your boat.

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