A rock and roll child

Today’s Much Love Monday is brought to you by the Most Fabulous Marc Bolan and T. Rex with Metal Guru. 

This Top of the Pops performance is a mere two weeks after my birth. Noel Edmonds doesn’t look much different in his cheeky Sherwood Green. It’s funny watching this video in seeing just how much Marc Bolan influenced Noel Fielding – whether he acknowledges it or not. They’re both what I love about English guys: quirky, eccentric and a bit of a fruit-loop. Who wouldn’t love a cheeky English chap with his bad teeth, pallid complexion and odd-ball sense of humour?

I had a proper T. Rex morning yesterday when I was clearing out the garden. I’m still tackling brambles, but there are lots of clear patches and a HHUUUUUGGGE heap of garden waste. Nothing makes you feel more Sunday than a bit of gardening. I don’t care if I end up aching when I’ve got a bit of glittery T Rex love in my soul.

I don’t think I sat down at all last week. Everything’s in manic-grow mode. Plus, it’s the last two weeks before the holidays and I’ve got a lot of work as per. On Friday, we’re doing a stand at a ladies’ networking event in Magnac-sur-Touvre, so my usual Friday afternoon of dog photos will have to find another occasion. Plus, I have an association meeting in the morning. Why does everything always happen together?

Tobby has been getting on just fine – the metacam’s taking its toll on his digestive system, so we’ve eased off a bit. He’s finally got enough meat on him so that I can’t see each individual rib any longer, so he gets to level off the food as well. He’s a comical dog – never remembers that his body isn’t up to it any more and goes haring off down the garden, legs going every which way. I couldn’t decide yesterday whether the vet only gave me a small bottle of medicine for him because she doesn’t think he’ll last long enough to finish it, or whether she was being kind on the wallet. I’d like to say I’ve seen some improvement, but apart from being a little more in control of his legs than he was, the best I can say is that he’s not much worse. He has quite bad separation anxiety when I walk the others and we’re all out – I’ve been walking Tilly or Amigo in alternance with Heston – he seems much less distressed when he’s got a friend. If I thought he had longer to go, it would be an issue, but I don’t think that I’ll make much headway before his body finally gives up on him. Honestly, it’s quite heart-breaking because he’s still so young in his ways. He has no concept of the fact he’d be much better to plod a bit and take long naps. That’s probably why Ralf lasted as long as he did. Boy, that dog could sleep.

Until that moment, though, it’s nothing but love and kisses for my gorgeous old dude.

It’s also been a year since Amigo arrived – my sweetest dog. He’s just a cuddly bucket of nibbly kisses. He’s the one dog who never shows me up, God love him. If Amigo were a person, he’d be Richard Briars. He’s all gentle and lovely and twinkly eyed.

Happy 1st Adoption Birthday Meeglou. Meegy also goes by the name of Meego Beego, Meegle and The Meegle Beagle. He’s not a beagle.



Funny how dogs get other names than the one they have. Ralf was often Ralferton. Tilly is more often than not Pippin these days. She’s my Tilly Pip. Heston is mostly Heston. Tobby is often Wobbly Bob or Tobster. He doesn’t know or care. Tobby’s definitely not a name he knows.

Seedlings, dogs, greenery and gardens… A new season of Game of Thrones and a girl is content. It’s that time of year when everything is new and fresh and green; the year is not yet tired and old. It’s still cool enough to work outside in, and warm enough to eat lunch outside too. A few stolen lunchtime moments reading a copy of Andrew Marr’s A History of Modern Britain instead of answering emails… definitely better for the spirit.

Enjoy your week: hopefully you’re not all of a springtime frenzy.

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