Breaking out of this two-star town

If I ever need a Monday buzz, The Killers are sure to give it to me. They never made an album I didn’t fall completely in love with. This is Read My Mind which I love because the video reminds me of everything I loved about Japan. That’d be everything. I loved everything about Japan, except it being quite so far away and expensive to get to.

I love Brandon Flowers’ lyrics as well. He always has such lovely-sounding words. More sound and fury than sense, but hey ho. I miss those pachinko parlours and the lovely eccentricity of many Japanese people. I miss Japanese school children in their little sou-westers and vending machines selling coffee on every street corner. I never quite got over the anachronism of women in kimono on city streets, a bit like you never get over seeing old French men on bicycles with a baguette. I miss bowing as well, and the way Japanese ladies cover their mouths when they laugh. I wonder if I’ll ever go back again, but I doubt it somehow. Seems strange to think it was nine years ago!


Apart from my Japanese nostalgia, what else is bringing me a smile this Monday?

♥ Hot chocolate. Oh hot chocolate. It’s winter. It’d be rude not to.

♥ White Collar. How handsome is Matt Bomer? He is perhaps the second most handsome man alive after Joe Manganiello (Alcide in True Blood) Ladies, if you’ve not seen Magic Mike and you fancy a little pulse-racing handsomeness, both of my favourite dark-haired hunks are in it. Sadly, both True Blood and White Collar have finished. The last season of True Blood was a bit crap. In fact, a lot crap. Ah well. Time to find something new to watch. I have been loving James Spader in The Blacklist.

♥ All the people who are now involved in dog walking and refuge work over the past year – it’s turned into a movement! I had to work on Saturday for the last Woofer Walk, but it’s amazing how many lovely people have stepped forward to start walking dogs regularly at their local refuge, or who have taken on a dog, fostered or adopted. It does the spirit good to know that there are so many kind and generous people in the world. Yes, you have to pick up the pieces of humanity’s failings, but LAARF is turning into a veritable army.

♥ getting my seed box out. I went down into the potager yesterday morning. I think I’m going to have my work cut out. Shears and secateurs are at the ready. Luckily, I’ve got a couple of months at least before I’ll start planting anything out other than beans and peas, so I’m hoping this spring won’t be a wash-out like last spring.

Luckily, it’s been appropriately cold and wet – no serious snow (yet – not too late!) and no serious flooding, though the water table is very high here (keep your fingers crossed it stays appropriate!)

Last January looked like this.


The year before, like this:


And the end of January 2012 finished like this:

At this point, the world has yet to make its decision

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